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Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by JaccsX, Oct 21, 2019.

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    Hey everyone! needing some advice! I’m 30 weeks with my second baby boy and I went for a scan at 28 weeks and they seen I had a low laying placenta and I’ve to be rescanned at 32 weeks to see if it’s moved. Basically if it hasn’t moved I will need a c section witch I’m terrified for I’ve a 2 yo boy aswell and I really want a vaginal delivery (obviously I want baby here as safe as possible) but does anyone have any experience in this or know that if it hasn’t moved by 32 will it automatically be a planned section or will they scan again nearer the time?x
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    Hi hun, I didn’t want to read this and not reply. I’ve got a low lying placenta and I’m due for a scan on Wednesday this week (32 weeks) I’m not sure what the plan is if it still is but I’m having an elective section so it doesn’t matter for me anyway. My community midwife said today that scanning at 32 weeks is early in her books as she thought they usually did them at 34 weeks + so she doesn’t think mine must be really low. Maybe yours is the same too? By that comment I’m guessing they’d re scan you at 34 weeks and 36 weeks. I suppose it’s also about how the baby is too because mines breach at the moment so that coupled with a low lying placenta may mean I have to have a section rather than me opting for it anyway.

    if I find anymore info out on Wednesday I’ll let you know x
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    I had the same LLP at 26 weeks and was rescanned about 32 weeks. My placenta had moved by then, so it's all good on my end. The MW was not concerned about it and said that they always move, in a small group of women (30% I think?) it doesn't move and a c-section is needed.

    I am guessing that if you still have an LLP at 32 weeks, they will give you your options. You might be rescanned to check again at 35/ 36 weeks if the coverage is marginal. If it's still covering by a lot at 32 weeks, then I doubt it would move that much in a few weeks. In that case, they would want to lock in a planned section date soon after your scan so you don't go into spontaneous labour.

    Fingers crossed it will behave and move out of the way :)
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    @JaccsX You're back! Come join us in tri 3!x

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