Losing weight in the second trimester


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Mar 26, 2005
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I had my regular check-up last week and found out i lost 3 more lbs. Since i found out iam pg i have not gained any weight. I have lost about 7 pounds so far. Iam 22.2 weeks now and iam worried. My doc says since the baby is fine in the ultrasound and growth is good i need not worry about this. Iam overweight and also iam diabetic. Iam just worried whether losing weight is ok during pg and will my baby be weak? :( Does any one know about this? Help me.... :?
Hi Vijgan, have you had lots of sickness in your pregnancy? because i lost weight early on with not so much being sick but just went off the foods i liked. What did your midwife say? :?

I was very overweight when I found out that I was pregnant and so from Day one I was very strict about what I ate, and although I wasn't dieting I was eating very healthy and no sweets biscuits sugar etc. By week 9, I had lost a stone. The Consultant was quite happy at the loss, and now at 17 weeks ive not actually put any weight on but the baby is a good size.

I think that as long as you are eating a healthy and well balanced Diet the baby will take the nourishment it needs and leaves you with what it doesnt need.

Good Luck
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Hi...Being diabetic really threw up the flag for me on this one...Weight loss is very common in pregnancy with diabetes even if you are eating normal or even more than normal...Your dr is very correct,if the baby is growing then you have nothing to worry about...I am a gestational diabetic and have lost a few lbs...But I am pretty sure the weight is coming off of my arms and legs,etc as the baby is growing perfectly and my belly definately looks pregnant!
I was not overweight before I got pregnant but I had weight I could afford to lose off my arms and legs and stuff so while I was worried about the weight loss at 1st now that I know baby is growing like he should be I consider myself lucky to be losing a little extra fat on body parts where I don't need it anyhow :lol:

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