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    Hello I'm new to the site and not great with all the lingo, anyway here goes, me and my 2 and bit year partner have just started to try to conceive Dec 15' my cycle is 28 days, we had intercourse on cycle days 8-13, I think I ovulated on the sun 3rd of Jan as had crampings, dull pressure on my abdomen and pinching feeling through Monday 4th this happened aswell. So I think I'm 7dpo now, have had no symptoms of pregnancy so far other than a couple of days ago started to get a pain or achey feeling which started in my bum cheek! In my hip and sometimes makes my leg feel numb and tingly, this aching travelled up my back and shoulder,neck not so bad today but still niggling at me.
    Could this be a sign of pregnancy?
    I already have a 3 and half year old but she was unexpected so didn't notice any aches or pains during that pregnancy, only felt extremely tired this was my only symptom in early stages.
    Had a mixture of cm this week but am dry now not sure what this means either! Good or bad??
    Haven't checked cervix wouldn't know what to look for!! And last couple of days have felt really hungry I eat and then feel like I haven't eaten couple of hours later. Please can some people reply and help me, really want that positive. My period is not due until next Sunday so still ageeeees to wait yet �� !
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