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Apr 1, 2005
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I'm hoping to find someone who has had an experience with having older children present during delivery to tell me how it went. I'm due oct. 2, and my children will be 8 and 5. My 5 yr old brought up the subject of being in the room when the baby is born. I told her she would come in right afterwards, and she got upset and said she wants to be there. She even went as far as to promise she would be quiet and stay out of the way. We're just wonder if it would be ok for her to be there if she stayed at the head of the bed so she doesn't see too much. I've had epidurals with the other 2, and deliveries were fast and easy, so we aren't expecting any problems with this one, or much pain! Anyone have any experience with this issue????? :?
i think it would be a lovely expericance for you all as a family! as l9ong as there is someone to sit with your children and explaint o them that the pain i normal and you will be ok once the baby coms, then i think its great
I have been having the same worries about my son...He will be 7 when I deliver...Maybe I wouldnt feel so weird about him being in the room if he were a girl...But how sexist is that??!!...I really want him to feel included in it all...I take him to all my appointments and let him hear the babys heartbeat and see the baby on the ultrasounds...I just don't want to make him feel as if we are pushing him aside for the new baby...I really want him there but I am not sure if it is something for a little boy to experience...Soooo confusing!!!!
I am planning a home birth with my children around for most of the time (they are 4 and 5), I think a lot of it depends how YOU are, if you think you will be distressed or screaming the house down then maybe not a good idea. I laboured very quietly with my first two and hope to be the same this time.

I am having a friend round at the time to help with the children, I also don't want my labour to be constantly interupted by "mummy can I have.........", "mummy what are you doing........" etc etc, as I want to be as relaxed as possible.

I am planning to play it by ear, see how they are, if they WANT to be there, and if I feel I want them there, my plan is to get them in as soon as the baby appears if not before.........they may even sleep right through it :wink:

Much love
Yeah there are a lot of things to look at when allowing children to witness a birthing experience...My son is almost 7 and very calm demeanored so I am not worried about him behaving...I was just worried about it being to "graphic" for a little boy...I asked him the other day if he wants to be there when his baby brother is born...he said "eww I don't want to see that!" LOL...So I told him he can stick around until the actual birth then he can wait outside with family until they clean the baby up and stuff...He happily agreed with that...So I guess there ya go...
It wont let me vote for some reason???

I think its a lovely idea!!! I think it is good to be open with children and it would be a lovely family experience. The only thing that would bother me was the children seeing me in pain but I guess if you explain it to them!

At the end of the day they came out that way (most of the time) I dont see a problem with them witnessing it for themselves!!!
i dont think its very nice for children to be there i watched it on tv the mum was screaming the boy looked bout 7 he looked so scared. no child should c there mum in pain. and i was told i came out my mums belly button for yrs lol
In theory it sounds nice but with labour being an unpredictable experience I would not let a child in with me. I would want to concentrate on the birth and I couldnt if my wee Jess was there as I would be too worried about her. Also, she might learn a few new words not covered in her a, b, c book.

Each to their own though, its what keeps it interesting.


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