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Apr 27, 2005
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i had my LMP on 18th may so ovulated about 1st june ish!! my next period is due 15th june{next wednesday} and ive been having cramps, headaches, peeing a lot and tender boobs for a day or so.. but i took a pregnancy test this morning and the control window was the dark purple line to say it was complete but u cudnt see a 'positive' line wen it was laid flat, if u held it up to the window {silly i no lol} u cud see wot i wud call a very very very faint 'pencil' colour ....... was it too early to test???
yes it is a bit early to test, yu prob dont have enough pregnancy hormones in your body yet for the test to pick up on, wait untill wed then test again, good luck
I don't want to blow your hopes but sometimes if you hold a test up to the light you can see the feint grey/blue line where the hormone will be detected. Test again with and ultra early test stick the day you are due (try - they have very cheap test for ultra easrly and gave me a very bright clear positive only 2days late - you will get them usually the next day or 2).

GOOD LUCK though and I hope you get the result you want! :D
If you try another test and get another faint line, you are pregnant.
I got a REALLY faint line on a test, then another and I didn't know what to think.

Now I know the hormone that makes the line is either there, or it's not, if it's there then you are pregnant, even if it's just a faint line.

Do another test in few days...good luck!

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