leaving baby 1 nite each week


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Oct 13, 2006
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when i go back to work im working 10-6 mon & tues, 9-5 sat. my boyfs having millie on sats and my dads having her mon & tues, which is fab coz we are poor (but not poor enough to qualify for benefits) so cant afford childcare really.

work is about 15 miles away and my parents are 5 miles from work, and my boyf and i share a car so ill be driving to my parents, then dropping my boyf at work before going to work myself, and on the way home collecting my boyf then collecting milliepops- so basically on a mon and tues we will be leaving our house at about 7am and not arriving home til 7pm or later (which is millies bedtime)

u still with me? lol,

my mum suggested it might be easier on all 3 of us (me my boyf & millie) if millie stays at my parents every monday nite.

what would u do?
its what u feel best with, i would personally take her home with me, but my nephew has stopped at my inlaws on a tuesday since he was 3 months for the same reason
I'd leave Millie with your parents, gives you a break, them a chance to spend some quality time with their gorgeous grandaughter, saves Millie from being moved around just before her bedtime and will help with routine.

I think it's best off all around :)
It wont do any harm to leave her there. Gives you one night on your own, and gives her granny time and time away from you. It will benefit her in that she will be used to the wee break.
Personally I'd leave her with your Mum,she's very happy with them as you already know and how exciting having one night a week baby free :shock: :cheer: I'd die of shock having just one night, never mind every week :D Go for it, if it works for everyone and Millie's happy, then its best if your happy with it :hug:
Personally if I were in your situation I would leave her with your mum, it will do her good to spend some time with Granny and will get her used to interacting with other people when you are not around.

If you find it difficult to be away from her every week then stop, or maybe alternate every other week...am sure your mum will be pleased either way to help out and to spend some time with her grandaughter.
leave her with your mum for sure, will help with seperation anxiety IMO and she will be used to having someone else comfort her which is deffo a good thing x
I would go for leaving her 1 night in every fortnight - then you do the big round trip twice one week, then only once the following week.

Let us know what you decide.

Valentine Xxx
Stanley spent Sunday night at my mum's since I returned to work when he was 6 months old until very recently.

She lives very close but as I don't drive it saved us a VERY early drop off (6am leave :shock: ) on Mondays. It worked well for us, we enjoyed our evenings at the pictures or spending time together. Stanley is a happy, socialble chap who loves his mummy but isn't clingy and is chilled in company.

If you'd feel comfortable, I'd say go for it! Free childcare is a gift. I'm only just putting Stanley into nursery this week, as my mum can't cope with him for 3 whole days anymore :lol:
thanks for ur replies ladies, will let u kno how it goes!

back to work on feb 11th :( boo!
I agree with the rest of the girls, it would be great having some you time trixie and im sure millie would love spending time with her grandparents!

Id do it if i as in the same situation, im sure your parents would love to be able to spend time with her on their own :hug:

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