Lawrence Jack Phillips - born 11th March 2013

Discussion in 'Birth Announcements' started by HungryHeart, May 19, 2013.

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    Took me a while to post this, but here is my birth story...

    On Mothers Day I was 35 weeks and had a busy day, visiting relatives etc. Got home and had a bath and when I got out at around 10pm I felt water trickling out of me. I know it doesn't make sense, but I just thought it must be bath water! When it carried on coming, I phoned Triage at the hospital who told me to go in.

    I was monitored at the hospital for babys heartbeat and contractions (there were none) and all the while I was constantly leaking fluid. I was told that they could leave me 2 weeks like that if labour didn't start naturally, but they would keep me in overnight just in case.

    I got to the ward and tried to sleep but started to get terrible backache. After this, things started happening. I started getting what I thought were contractions and I was worried because I hadn't felt baby move all evening! They hooked me up to the monitor again and as the pains grew stronger, they assured me that the monitor wasn't showing any signs of contractions and my uterus was just aggrivated. This had me worried of the pain to come! I went to the toilet and noticed the fluid was turning red and made yet another painful trip to the midwife station. I was in so much pain at this point they reluctantly examined me and found me to be 5cm!!

    I was taken to delivery suite and despite me saying I wouldn't have any pain relief involving canulas (I wasn't allowed epidural due to blood condition), I was screaming for the remifentanil and cancula was put in place :). It helped, but I felt drunk.

    The pains got stronger and the drug just wasn't doing it any longer. I was examined again at 2.30pm and told I was 8cm. I was at the point of desperation now I was in so much pain and being sick. I was gutted and thought I couldn't take any more and was mad when I was told that I would be examined again in 4 hours!! 4 hours!! I didn't think I could last another 5 mins.

    So, at 3pm I got the overwhelming urge to push. I pushed and pushed on gas and air for what felt like hours (turns out it was only 35 mins), and then little Lawrence was born 5 weeks early at 5lb 5oz. He was absolutely perfect, needed no help and we were out of the hospital in 5 days. Not bad for a premmie. It was the most special moment and I don't think anything can top that feeling.

    He's beautiful and doing so well. Still only small, but an absolute star and such a good baby. I am so in love with my son.
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    Aww lovely story, congratulations! :)


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