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Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by louise2610, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. louise2610

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    Feb 25, 2016
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    Hi Ladies,

    Is there any truth that if you ovulate later than usual that you're more likely to have a girl?

    Thanks Lou X
  2. Emily0505

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    Jul 22, 2011
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    Sex of the baby is determined by the sperm.

    All eggs are an X chromosome and sperm are X or Y.

    If the egg is fertilised by an X sperm you get a girl (XX) or a Y sperm you get a boy (XY).

    Timing of ovulation won't make a difference although there are theories that running sex at different points throughout your cycle can result in a specific gender as apparently girl sperm can live longer.

  3. BadWolf

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    Apr 3, 2016
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    X sperm live longer but are slower, Y sperm are faster but don't live as long. Therefore if you TTC a boy having sex when closer to ovulation is best, if you TTC a girl having sex 12-24 before ovulation is best. This is what I read about gender swaying anyway. Also positions where penetration is deeper helps to conceive a boy.

    So in answer to the question 'if you ovulated later' than you thought, and had sex when you thought you ovulated the X sperms have a better chance of surviving long enough to fertilise the egg and Viola, a girl.

    I don't think it's as easy as that though. :lol:
  4. PeanutButter

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    Nov 23, 2015
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    I read in a book 'Taking charge of your fertility' that if you want a girl you dtd 2-4 days before you ovulate and if you want a boy you dtd ov and 1 day before. This is because the girly sprem last longer and the boy sprem die much faster.
    Obviously there is still a chance of getting either gender but your more likely to conceive what you want. Although if your trying for a girl it may take longer as your not dtd when the egg is released.
    Hope this helps :D x

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