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Apr 24, 2005
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How's it going? How you feeling?

Time for a December ladies catch up, you lot are far too unsociable! ;) (and obviously don't have as much time on your hands as I do! I'm bored!)
Hi Rosieroo

I'm feeling good thanks! The baby is very active now and I can actually sit and watch him move across my tummy. I had constipation recently which then turned into a bad upset tummy but I had a macdonalds and I think I just found it hard to digest ( I hardly ever eat junk food ). The upset tummy was quite scary because I had really bad pains and for a while I thought I'd gone into labour they were that bad. All seems good now though :)

As for my ante natal thats another story. Basically I haven't got a clue whats going on?!? I feel as though the hospital aren't monitoring me as much as they should be. They havent even bothered to check my weight and I'm almost 6 months pg! I've had a letter from the health visitor asking for a home visit but to be honest I really don't want strangers in my home, at the clinic fair enough but not in my house. BF thinks I'm being silly because they will have to come and check the baby and me once he is born. I can see his point.

How are you anyway? Good I hope.

speak soon

Lou :)
Hi Rosieroo and Lou,

I am 21 weeks today. Have felt baby move, but the last three days it has moved a lot lower and its actually quite painful at times, it feels like it is kicking some vital organ or something. I can't wait til they get more active and I can see them move.

I too am having upset tummy. I haven't been eating well lately so I don't know if that has anythig to do with it?? I am finding it difficult at work too, am just so tired all the time and find it really hard to concentrate. Am completing a NVQ level 4 at the same time and have a couple of days off to help me catch up but I have work tomorrow :cry:

I too haven't heard much antenatal wise. Have my next appt in 3 weeks but that sems like ages away. I thought I'd see more of my midwife but I guess I was wrong??

Anyway I am not always winging (though it may not seem like it), I am enjoying being preganant and talking to bean. Have started clothes shopping for baby and we are both getting very excited. Our living room is going to be plastered soon (we were going to do that in Dec but things jhave changed somewhat) and we are also planning to get the nursery done soon. Its starting to feel very real now!!! :D

Hope you are both well xxxx
Hi girls :)

I've had constipation too, think it's a mixture of not getting enough fluid and taking Pregnacare, which I've stopped now. Also been quite windy, but at least I've had an excuse ;)
I get stretchy pains quite regularly. My belly button used to look like a bat cave, now it's looking more shallow, but just as big :shock: DH has got a real belly button phobia, he hates it when I poke mine, makes him all squeamish :lol:
Right at this moment I've got a nagging pain on my right hand side, but I think it's just stretching, the baby has been bouncing around this morning. DH thought that he felt it the night before last, I can't wait til he can feel it properly. Obviously I can, but it will be nice to share it with him.
He's been quite busy at work lately, and with me now being jobless, I feel a bit useless. Have to stop myself from going on too much when he gets home from work, he's normally the only human contact I have during the day so I am normally far too chatty when he gets home! I'm hoping when the baby is born there will be mother and baby groups on around me so I can meet similar women in the same situation as me.
I next see my midwife at 24 weeks, I wouldn't have seen her since 15 weeks. She isn't the sort of person you can bond with very well, but I've been consoling myself with the fact that there is a chance she might not be there at the birth and it might be someone else. I don't think that they check on you well enough at all. She's never once asked about any symptoms I might be experiencing that I'm not sure about, or about how my diet is (which I think is quite important) she doesn't weigh me and I'm still waiting for my Downs blood test results.
My next scan is a week tomorrow and I'm so excited! I'm so sure I'm having a little boy, but I will be thrilled if it's a girl also. Guess it will be a real test of my maternal instinct!
Hey Rosieroo, Hey Beanie,

We are experiencing alot that is similar aren't we? It makes you wonder how women managed in the days before the internet! This website has helped me answer so many concerns I don't know what I'd do without it.

I'm also feeling quite useless at the moment as i'm not working either. I was working up until christmas but my job got far too stressful and me and my bf decided I should quit and that we could live off of his wage. (he is a plasterer, I worked in sales). My wages were good but my bf still brought home more in a day than I did in a week! All I have to do now work wise is answer his calls during the day and make appointments and write out his quotes and invoices on the computer. Not very demanding lol

Baby had me up this morning at 5:30am kicking and turning and doing somersaults. There was an amazing sunrise though so I didnt mind :) Last night me and my bf sat and watched him kicking my tummy. Every time my bf puts his hand on my stomach the baby seems to stop kicking, we think it may be because it makes it dark in there or maybe its the warmth from my bf's hand? Its weird anyway! :)

Theres also something else I wanted to mention just to see if the same thing is happening to either of you. Its a bit personal but I really need to ask. Its about my nipples :oops: Well you know how normally just the middle sticky out bit gets erect? well every now and again the whole of my nipple is going erect! and I mean the whole of my nipple, not just the middle bit. Its the weirdest thing ever! Nobody I know has had the same thing happen to them so it seems I am a freak lol

I think I will call the health visitor for a home visit today and tell her about my freaky nips!

Hope you are both well today :)

Speak soon

Lou :)
Hi Girls,

I just want to say thanks for posting ur replies because u have put my mind at rest on a few things & it's good to know that these are pretty normal things that are going on with my body right now. You are right when u ask how people manged without the internet - more so when it is ur first baby - so many things never experienced before.

I have recently suffered a little constipation but thankfully nothing too bad but sometimes that was normal for me even before I was pregnant. I have been having some weird dreams lately, things that are not related to anything that has been going on - strange. Maybe has something to do with the broken sleeping patterns with having to get up to the toilet in the middle of the night ugh!!

I have really been feeling little Passenger moving around recently especially the other nite when it was a much bigger & weird movement than I had felt up until then, I wondered if s/he was doing somersaults. Amazing feeling tho'!

I'm still working full-time at the moment but sometimes finding it a bit of a struggle. Really can't be bothered doing much when we get home at night but my husband has been great & helps so much. I just feel drained & tired & want to put my head down. Best try & get as much sleep as we can now because I'm sure we wont when December comes.

Take care all & talk soon

Juls x
Hi ya fellow December Buddies!

This chat is really great! it's already answered a few questions I had! Thank you.

I just wondered if anyone has had any funny turns recently? I'm a bridal hairdresser and I was doing a ladies hair for her wedding this morning and nearly passed out, I started feeling little Pip moving and kicking hard and then I came over all light headed and nauseous!! it was horrible and apparently I went very white :shock: It took a good half hour to recover, luckily we had enough time to spare.

Someone said it was probably 'quickening'? feeling the baby move a lot and your blood pressure sometimes drops?

Has anyone else felt this way?

Thanks for all your support so far!
Emma & Little Pip.
Lou - my nipples have been doing strange things lately aswell, especially the right hand one! Sounds like it's doing what yours is, but it's very strange to see :lol:

EmmaD - If I am standing for too long, i.e. peeling spuds or washing up, I get really lightheaded. The first time I was sick with morning sickness was when I was stood up making a fruit flan. If I am walking about I'm fine, but stood in the same position does me in!

Does anyone still find it weird when they walk past a mirror without a top on and catch sight of their stomach? I'm still getting used to having it, tried to squeeze between a wall and a table the other day and it felt really weird having my stomach jammed. Guess I forget about it sometimes!

The baby's movements really differ, sometimes they feel quick weird and I think that's when it's somersaulting (sp), most of the time it's like little taps in my belly, and if I am lying on my back it's like pressure against my stomach from the inside. Really hard to describe and get used to at the mo!

I've been a lot thirstier today, and hungry. My appetite seems to be reappearing with a vengence! I'm worried about putting on a lot of weight as I am not slim (a good size 14) and I don't want to be a blimp after I've had the baby. I always planned to lose weight before I got pregnant so I could be a stick with a bump, but alas that's not to be!
Hi Girls,

I have also been feeling quite dizzy recently but thankfully I haven't fainted but it was a weird feeling as if my eyes weren't in tune with my body/head but I'm not sure if it was because I was hungry.

I was also worrying about putting on too much weight but I had the midwife yesterday & she put my mind at rest by telling me that I am not putting on weight but little Passenger is so that's the right way around & I'm relieved because like some of you I've really discovered my appetite again since all that nasty morning sickness etc. Crisps & chocolate seem to taste so much better nowadays but maybe that's just an excuse!!

I can't believe how much I feel my bump has grown in the past two weeks or so & I also get a shock when I see it because I think it's because it's a new thing for our bodies to be like that & ur mind forgets for that split second. Everyone at work laughs at me now when I have to ask them if they can move their chairs over a bit because I can't really squeeze through anymore - what's it going to be like in another couple of months - aagghh!

Has anyone else been told that they are Rhesus negative? I had this confirmed a few weeks ago & was told that I would have to get injections at 28 & 34 weeks but I was told yesterday that these injections have no risk to Passenger (which I'm relieved about) but may have risks to me which is a bit worrying.

Good to keep this chat going because it's good to read other mums-to-be concerns & exciting times.

Hope u r all well

Juls x
Hey :)

I haven't been told that I am rhesus negative, thank goodness your injections wont harm your little bubba.

I had a rough night last night, was feel really sicky and crampy. Just couldn't get comfortable, had shooting pains right under my bump along my bikini line and my stomach was very gurgly! :oops:

Also, the woman next door has just had a baby (I didn't even know she was pregnant, never seen her with a man). I only found out from my mum, who found out from the lady at the bakers yesterday. If I hadn't know I would've thought I was going mad in the head when I woke up hearing it crying!
I went to see my GP today and says I'm anemic! so that makes sense of the lightheaded spell and generally feeling a bit odd !! I'm going to eat more greens though as I don't fancy the iron tablets as they give you constipation and I had enough of that at the beginning!!

I really love looking at my bump in the mirror :D My husband just give a very proud smile when he looks at me as if to say 'I did that' !! He's very sweet, bless him.

I'm not rhesus negative either, but I've heard it's nothing serious, you just need to know about it and have the injection so it doesn't effect the baby.

I've been getting stretchy pains too lately, and having trouble getting to sleep! and my sister made me feel sooooo much better this morning by saying 'it all gets worse', you can always count on your relatives to make you feel better :D

Emma & Little Pip
I used to be anaemic, went on the iron tablets and it gave me poo like charcoal! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Luckily I haven't suffered with it yet, my diet hasn't been the best though :oops: I hope that doesn't mean I'll have a fussy baby!!!!

My little boo has been moving around like mad today, we went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was fab! Really recommend it :D On the way back in the car I was listening to Christina Aguilera and it started kicking like mad when Dirrty was on! :shock: :shock:

Only 6 days to go until my scan, woohoo :D

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