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Jun 28, 2005
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Hi I'm about 9/10 weeks pregnant according to the tests I've taken (6 in all!) but I have no real symptoms except sore boobs! I'm really worried something is going to happen or when I have a scan they won't be able to find a heartbeat etc. Help!! :?
Make the most of it!

On saturday morning I announced on here that I barely had any symptoms and I was actually not feeling pregnant. i wasn't bloated, my boobs had stopped hurting, i was wide awake etc etc.

Two hours later I virtually keeled over with exhaustion and slep all afternoon. I have been tired and headachy ever since!

I read on the internet that you and I are at the stage where we are about to hit a bout of 'extreme tiredness' during week 10, before the good bit starts at week 12, so I would make the most of it if I were you and try not to worry too much.

Hope this helps
Thanks for that - just feel better that I'm not the only one, bit isolating as I don't feel I can spread the news yet! It's strange that your prediction of total exhaustion has actually cheered me up. Thanks again! :)
Glad it's not just me! I will be 9 weeks on Sunday and am feeling like a fraud as I don't have any symptoms whatsoever. I have been fully expecting sickness, tiredness, strange eating habits etc and haven't had anything. Told my boss today and stupidly said 'I think I'm pregnant'!!! as I just don't feel it.
Seeing my midwife for the first time tomorrow - not sure whether she will be able to convinve me that it is really happening or whether I'll have to wait for my scan.
I guess we should really be grateful!
Well im almost 19 weeks and have been very lucky with symptons!! the only ones i have had is the fact my boobs were very sore for the first 3 months!!! ive had no sickness, no emotional upsets and can still eat whatever food i fancy as i havent gone off anything!!!! Oh i guess one major sympton is the fact that each day i seem to get bigger!!!!

enjoy the no symptons, it may not last!!!

Take care
Natalie x
i have to say i know hoe you feel - i am touching wood as i write this but i feel like a fraud. I had sore boobs and more frequent toilet visits to start with but thats about it. I'm just glad i have had a scan so i know i'm not dreaming it!!!!
Hi Lilylou

Just wondering how your symptoms are now?

I am extremely tired today and it reminded me of this thread, and how I thought I was due to get very bad sleepiness.

I feel that today is going to be a very long day! z z z z z z z z z z z z :cry:

Its only 10:47 and I am already wanting to nod off :? :? :? :?
i am almost 13 weeks pregnant and i didn't feel pregnant for a very long time no morning sickness my breast were fine but all a sudden it hit me like a tun of bricks now i am sick all the time and my breast felt like they are going to fall off :lol: but somedays i am still fine mostly in the morning and at night but find i do need a nap in the afternoon so the tv is a great help with my 6 year old so much diffrent beeing pregnant and haveing one already i say enjoy to anyone that doesn't feel pregant i just can't wait till i get to the point i feel the baby and then maybe i will be more thrilled :lol: i am now but sick ALOT
take care ladys
Well since last time I have to say I feel quite a bit more exhausted especially round about 3pm but still no sickness etc 11 weeks now and can't wait for the scan a week on Monday, still can't get the feeling out of my head head that something is wrong!............not that I am praying for any of the other less pleasant symptoms.........hope you are all ok. :?

3pm was the maximum knackerness time for me too and one of my books said that the key time for fatigue was between 3-6pm which was totally right in my case! So I'd count that as a symptom! It just didn't feel like other tiredness- it would feel like it was 1am but only for a few hours- if I made it until 7pm I felt fine again. Of course most days I stumbled home from work and had an hour's kip anyway and that made me feel great!

I have hit a major "no symptom" phase.

I only have three days to go before I hit twelve weeks and then just another five days to go before the scan.

But....... now that the nausea and tiredness have gone I just don't feel pregnant!

I am adament that there is something in there but what if there is no heartbeat or they can't find anything?

I almost wish I felt sick right now, just so that I could actually feel pregnant.

The moment I get back from my scan I will be telling all of you all about it. I will then get dressed in a maternity outift that really makes me look pregnant and I am going to parade around in it stroking my miniscule bump! :D

I just need the scan now! (getting impatient!)
Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum as I found out just over a week ago that I am pregnant. I am just entering my 6th week so very early days but so far the only symptom I have is sore / swollen boobs and even they seem less of an issue today... not hurting at all.

I have read that many of you didn't suffer the usual sickness etc but to be honest I wish I would so that I can feel that this pregnancy is actually real and OK!! I get the occasional moment of light headedness, pee all the time and I seem hungry all the time but nausea / sickness has not become a feature of my life as yet.

My first pregnancy [I am 36!] so anxious as hell!!


Hi everyone

Just to let you know that my worries about having no symptoms were unfounded - had 12 week scan last monday and all seemed A okay so I am trying to enjoy things to anyone else who doesn't feel pregnant I am sure nature is just being kind to you! :D
just you wait till the morning sickness kicks in and then you'll wish that you still dont have symptoms lol xx

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