Labouring in water, important info!


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May 16, 2005
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I have been lookingat labouring and possibly birthing in water and have learnt some valuable info to pass on to you all . . .

Firstly its not actually recomended to get into a pool or bath till you are at least 4-5cm dilated as it can inhibit uterine activity and slow your labour down. plus the longer you spend in water the more dehydrated and exausted you become.

Also temperature should not exceed 37degrees as this to can cause exaustion, high blood pressure, foetul distress and slowing of labour!

So anyone planning on jumping in the bath as pain relief when it all kicks off might want to consider these two points!
Thanks Cat

Since finding out that you cant have a boiling hot bath, Ive spent the last 7 months having showers. Plus we have a small bath anyways and with the size of me now resembling a House....would be very difficult. (getting in would be fine, as to whether I would get out is another matter)

Good for everyone to get tips like this cos I certainly didnt know bout Hot water before this pregnancy !!!!

Ragna xx
That is very useful info Cat - I'm definitely would have liked to jump in the bath during early stages of labour, but perhaps I'll stick with the shower.

I'm still contemplating a water birth though - depends on whether the new birth pool will be ready when I go into labour!


Thanks for the tips cat, thats good info.

What i can't understand though is that when i was in very early stages of labour with my little girl and i phoned hospital they suggested i get in bath for pain releif , and thats what i was gonna do this time, then again that was 7 years ago.

Or perhaps they didn't have beds and wanted me to hold on!!! lol :D
well how pissed off was i lol every dam pool in the hossy was free. and i was 4cm (ready to go into pool) but baby poo and pools dont go well together apparently :x

well i certainly wasnt expecting labour to be sooo painful.. they were shocked i lasted so long with out relief.. they kept asking me if i was feeling the contractions as i was on machine that monitored baby and strength of contractions lol and told MW every time i was having them

they are graded between 0 - 120 roughly and at time i was hitting 80 and was still smiling lol but then they got a little more powerful and within 10 second of being happy i was crying my eyes out screaming for help and saying i cudn't do it.. its so hard to labour when ur stuck on ur back strapped to machines lol

im so definately labouring in warm water and going to be mobile next time...... those pains are undescribable :shock:

but saying that they say there is a high chance i wud need c section again if i have a baby. im just too small for the size of babies i make :lol: and big babies like to be back to back when in a small pelvis. but will get stuck
I'm a little worried about this bath subject!

After a long day I like to have a bath to ease the aches and pains of being 38 weeks pregnant and looking after a three year old, but now I'm a little worried incase I could be feeling the aches and pains of early labour but now know it and they stop cause I'm having a bath.

What should I do??? Don't think I'd be able to get to sleep if I missed my nightly bath - it's the only place I can relax and feel comfy!!!

Ash xx
Totally agree with you Ash, i ove my nightly bath with loads of bubbles it really helps me sleep if i have one quite late then straight into bed.

But cos i am now getting so close and my little girl was born at 37 weeks i dont wanna slow labour down even if i dont know i have started ( if that makes sense!! lol)

I think am just gonna carry on having a bath especially as my shower is very tempramental! :)
Think I'll go with you on this one jo.

No point in denying myself the only pleasure I've got left!
lol girls dont worry about having baths..... relaxing can also bring on labour.... plus labour will start when it wants too (i have just learnt this after many attempts with castor oil and pineappples lol)

maybe try adding a few drops of clary sage oil to ur bath, this can encourage labour to start plus ur still getting ur relaxing bath... be warned it has a funny smell. but i promise you, you'll get used to it :lol:

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