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    Has anyone else found that they really just don't want to make love to thier partner anymore? I feel so guilty and worry that OH is gonna run off and find someone else, considering I'm snapping at him for everything too :? (although I do appologise every time).

    I feel so stupid but I just don't feel like having sex. I still love cuddling up to him when we go to bed, but anything more gets me all antsy and my mood goes out the window :shock:

    Argh pregnancy - so wonderful yet so confusing! :roll:
  2. -Cat-

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    May 16, 2005
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    Hi again Sami,
    I have posted on Kerian the Midwifes enormous thread about this but its cause Im the other way round and cant get enough. But I dont think we had sex at all in the first trimester cause I was never in the mood. There is a reply to my post on that thread which you may find of help to you.
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    Cheers - you're being my saviour today aren't you!
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    May 26, 2005
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    Me and my husband haven't messed around since I conceived but that's only because it's too dang hot out lately and we've been so beat with tons of stuff.....we give each other massages and stuff like every day though. But there's a lot more to relationships then messing around.

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