Kellie, Kerry and Dani - BFN!


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Apr 16, 2005
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Hi everyone

Tested yesterday and it was BFN. AF arrived this morning, I'm so upset, really thought I was PG this time. My cycle has been 26 days long for last 3 months and was 30 days long this month.

Oh well, will have to keep trying.

Thanks for your support

Love Jools xxx
Big Hugs honey!!

I know exactly how you feel and hope that you feel better soon.

Lots of love
Hi Jools

When I get my AF I try to look at it this way..... we're only 2 weeks away from trying again. It helps me a tiny bit. But i know how disapointed it can get. Have you been trying long? I've been trying for 9 months although it feels like a life time.
Hi Hayley

I've never thought of looking at it that way, good idea!
We've only been trying since Feb so not long at all. I bought ovulation predictor kits today and I'm going to chart my temperature and CM too and see if it helps at all.

Good luck to you and thanks for reply

Love Jools xxx
Hi Jools, I'm so sorry sweetie, I had everything crossed for a BFP for you.......sending you a big squeeze! I know those BFN make you feel low, but try not to feel too bad, it's still early days. TONNES of babydust coming your way! luv kel x
Thank you very much Kel. Feeling a bit better now than I did earlier. There are people a lot worse off than I am and we've only been trying since Feb so my body is probably still adjusting to coming off the pill. Maybe this time next month I'll have some great news...fingers crossed!
Are you TTC? If so how long have you been trying?
Love Jools xxx
Hiya jools, yes me and hubbie have been ttc since christmas so not too long for us either (long enough though! lol) I'm glad you're feeling better, although it's not been long those late af really get your hopes up don't they......extra baby dust for us both next month! take care, luv kel xx :)
Cheer up Jools, theres always this month and plus the BDing is fun!!!!

My fiance has never been so happy!

We've been TTC for nearly 14 months now which is ages, i'm beginning to think my bits are broken! Anyone know where you can get spares!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Anyways BABY DUST TO YOU and chin up! :wink:
Kellysomer, your post made me laugh! I think we all wonder if our bits are broken from time to time.
I'm feeling positive again now and its my other halfs birthday on my predicted ovulation day so we'll be BDing loads! He says conceiving would be the best birthday prezzie he could wish for...tugs on the heart strings eh!!

Best wishes to you and fiance, wishing all those TTC all the luck in the world.

Love Jools xxx

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