Kai rolled!


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May 13, 2005
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It really surprised me but during tummy time just now Kai rolled onto his back, I thought it would be a few more weeks before he was able to do this. Really happy and he did it once.
awww that is great hun B has only just started to roll so kai is doing really well :D
Phoebe rolled for the first time at about 3months so Kai is very advanced :lol:
Got a mini genius on your hands :shock:
Aimee rolled the first time yesteday at 3 months 2 days but it was mostly out of temper cos she hates being on her tummy. My first didn't roll till she was 28 weeks. He must be very strong for his age.
Kiara has done this for a few weeks now lol, guess all babies are different, i dont know what age babies are suppost to do what.
i lie kiara on her back and usually wakes up on her tummy lol.
Kai is really strong, he must be around 12 and a half pounds now and when awake has always been moving, he is very active even since being born.

He has only rolled once so far, I guess he won't do it too much yet.

katrina, Kiara must be advanced, I thought it took a while before they could roll back to front, I hope Kai doesn't do that for a while yet! Born exactly on the same day, what time was Kiara born? Kai was born 21.31 Eastern time.
thats great :) it's so nice when they have their little achievements isn't it!

Babsi Kiara is advanced the docs say they cant beleive what she can do and always comment om it, its wierd how they all differ.
Kiara was born at 23:25 Pacific time
Seren arches her back now so think she is trying to move. She likes to do it when I am putting her nappy on as of course it is funny making mum work harder to put the nappy on. She is getting to be a right little monkey

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