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Sep 16, 2007
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Its over 3 months now since the m/c and iv had 2 AF's since which have been alot lighter and lasting a couple of days, a bit painful but nothing really any different....
This month is the first 'proper period' i think since the m/c...just wondering if its normal really that 3 months on im (TMI now) still passing clots, in total agony (as some may know i was off work on monday with runny tum, sickness, migrange and a fever cos of just coming on) and being so heavy?

Just like a little insight as i cant really remember it from a year ago...it was this time last year i got my first af since Angel.

TIA :hug:
If I remember rightly my first 3 or 4 AF's after m/c were horrible, back to how they were when I first started my periods, very heavy, terrible cramps, feeling sick etc and from then started getting back to normal but it's only my last period (about 6 months after the m/c) that it's felt completely back to normal again.

Hope your's get back to normal soon hun :hug: :hug:
i m/c onthe 6th june, so just over 2 months ago now, and i bled for about 5 weeks, it was unreal.. i went for the medical management so that might have had something to do with it.

but i think this is my first period that i have now, i came on on friday, and im still bleeding extremely heavy now.. its really not nice to be honest, and yes i am passing clots as you mentioned.. I was slightly concerned, considering my normal perods only ever lasted about 4 days, and only 1 of those days would usually be heavy bleeding. siigh.
hoping it will finish soon, and my next period will be better :)
thank you for your replies girls.

Iv stopped bleeding but still getting pains...oh well :(
Oh dear im sorry to hear that ur still having the clots if ur very concerned about it you could ring the midwife/gynie man/women to ask for there advice to see if it still is normal to be having the clots im not sure if you had a natural m/c or had to get an operation, with my 2nd m/c i bleed for about 6 weeks but it did get lighter at the end then i had normal periods i think after that with no clotting, :hug: :hug: :hug:
The first m/c I had was at nearly 6 weeks, so a similar stage to yours this time. For me, the m/c itself was a very late, very heavy period, with a couple of hours of really heavy bleeding and clots. That 'period' lasted about 6 days, I think. Anyway, my cycles were totally screwed for the next three months. I had on/off spotting for about ten days a month or so later, but didn't get a real period until around 60 days after the miscarriage. Then the next period was about 35 days later. Both those two periods were preceded by a couple of days of horrible brown mucus and then the bleeding itself had blackish clots. Nice! (I've been charting so I recorded everything). My doctor told me that was, unfortunately, perfectly normal, and it takes up to 3 months for your body to sort itself out and get regular again. Some women are lucky and it all goes back to normal straightaway, but my GP said he'd only consider it abnormal if things were still funny more than 3 months later. Sure enough, by the 4th month, everything was normal again for me.

Having said all that, if you are having any kind of unusual pains or bleeding, you should see someone - especially if you have a fever as well (by that I mean a medical fever, i.e. >37.5 C or 99.5F taken orally). And if you have any kind of smelly/unusual discharge, you should definitely get yourself checked out. Fever and/or discharge could indicate infection if your body hasn't cleared everything out properly.

Sarah, I've just been on the phone to the EPAC at the RVI, becasue I'm concerned with the pains too, and it is normal. She said you know all the pains you get in the first stages? well everything takes time to get back to normal after huge changes.
I rang her cos last night i was getting bad pains down my legs and arms and was concerned something is in my tubes, but she's reassured me that there is nothing in there and the pains will just take time to disappear and are most probably my 2 cysts.
I've had shooting pains in my pubic bones - it's really scary, you cant help but worry - even being told it's normal doesn't really help that much I suppose! :hug:
thanks hun.

been losing lost of clear jelly recently....very very strange...its not ewcm its a huge ball (tmi sorry).

as far as i know i dont have any cists...

must be one of those things

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