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  1. scarlett1965

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    Nov 6, 2007
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    Just to say thank you for all the advice everyone has given me re: my ttc. You are all such an inspiration and give me hope every time I read your posts. The qualities you all posess are incredible. None of you ever give up hoping even though you rant and rave sometimes. You are all brave and optimistic and I thank you all for that.
    I am 42 and have been ttc for 7 mths. I already have 3 children ( 2 from my first marriage and Lilli who is 4 yrs old. (Lilli was a twin but I lost the other one. I have also had an ectopic and a miscarriage in the last 2 yrs.) I have now put OH on zinc and selenium, made him eat lots of bananas, have changed his tight underwear to a looser fit, and I have been eating natural yoghurt and honey every day. I am also on Pregnacare and have been doing the charts, CM checks, lying on the bed with legs in air for 30 mins.. all thanks to you lot.
    I had a UTI last week and was prescribed antibiotics and its better now but the tablets have given me thrush!!! Do any of you know if either a UTI or thrush could affect my ttc?
    I am due my AF on December 2. Please can any of you tell me the earliest I can test and which is the best HPT to use? Also.. are any of you testing around the same time as me?
    Just like to say Congrats to all the BFP'S this month. :D
    Kind regards
  2. Kittykins

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    Oct 8, 2007
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    Hi Scarlett.

    When you say you're due AF on Dec 2, is that because you have regular cycles, or are you counting days past ovulation? For a Dec 2 AF, you'd have ov'ed around last weekend?

    If you're charting, and you know when you ov, then you should be able to test reliably at 16 days past ovulation, if AF hasn't arrived - though some women take longer for the lines to show. If you don't check ov dates, then wait till AF is two days late before testing, and it should be reliable. First Response Early Result (FRER) seem to be quite highly rated but are pricey. They claim to work up to 4 days before AF is due, but the stats aren't that great. If you wait till a couple of days after the AF date, most HPTs should work.

    If you don't know for sure whether you ov'ed last weekend, then you should be aware that antibiotics can often cause ovulation to be delayed. As your luteal phase (time between ovulation and AF) remains fairly consistent (most women have a LP of 12-16 days) then a delayed ov would result in a delayed AF. This of course means that testing 2 days after you think AF is due might not be reliable after all...

    Antibiotics are unlikely to affect conception - except that of course, if they delay your ov date, your intercourse timing would need to be adjusted accordingly. However, if you're TTC, and you're prescribed antibiotics, make sure your doctor is aware of the possibility of pregnancy. I don't know about thrush, I'm afraid - if in doubt, ask the pharmacist or doctor before taking anything!
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    Aug 31, 2005
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    I had thrush when I was TTC with my first, got pg OK. Only use the creams not pessaries or tablets.

    Good luck with TTC
  4. Slinky Sarah

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    Sep 16, 2007
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    I totally feel for you....iv just had a UTI and thrush just after....it was horrible!!! I havent fallen pg this month but i dont think it will affect TTC....my dr told me to test cos it could be symptom but not for me...
    Hope your feeling better and good luck with the testing xx

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