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Mar 14, 2005
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I have had my girls name picked out since I was pregnant with my son...8 years ago!...I really loved the name Desa...The Daddy did not like it!...So I chose Destiny,which he agreed on...I can still call her Desa for short :) ...And I wanted my Moms middle name to be my little girls middle name...So I have Destiny Maria...
We named our lil boy after him (Daddy)...Gregory Brian II...
Well we have had many a disagreement picking out a boys name this time around...He is soooo old fashioned and "normal"...He likes all these "popular" names like Matthew and Christopher etc etc...Which is OK but I wanted something a little different...But I tried to please him too and chose Anthony Michael (the middle name has to be Michael,after my uncle)...Well he isn't too keen on Anthony and I am afraid people would call him Tony...So,off on a search I went...Boys names are soooo hard to pick!!!
Well I found a few I like and have it narrowed down to........
Ethan Michael
Evan Michael
Josiah Michael ( I don't think he will go for this one!!!)
Isaac Michael
Isaiah Michael
I am kind of really liking Ethan and I am thinking he might agree with this one...Why are guys so picky!!! I thought we women were supposed to be the picky ones :lol:
Well I just thought I would share...Any input is welcomed :wink:
i think ethan is a really nice name also...just thought id say...good luck with everyhing :D
I like the name Ethan too - but all the names you have picked are lovely. It is so hard picking names! I never thought it would be this hard! Maybe that's why we are pregnant for 9 months - to give us time to decide :lol:
I Like ethan too its cute....but no matter what name you pick you and greg are going to have another adorable lil one running around...make sure you give lil greg a kiss for me:)

I hope you have a girl then she can be our new lil diva lol love ya

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