Just one extended parentcraft session??

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May 25, 2005
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Hi I was hoping for a little bit of advice. I have seen my midwife today and she has booked me onto a parentcraft afternoon. It is between 1 and 5 on a Sunday. That is it. No other course or anything. She says I will get everything I need from this? Has anyone attended one of these ? Was it ok? Better of worse than the ones all my friends have been on which is a 8 week course? Help????
i remember on my first i went to one of these classes, and to be honest, i found them pretty crap.
it didnt really teach/tell me anything i didnt already know, it was real basic stuff and there were so many people there that no one really got the attention they needed.

but then my sister went on hers and she found them very helpful.

i think it depends on the area you live in and what kind of help/advice you are looking to get from it
Mine last for 3 weeks and are on a Friday 2.30-5pm (I think).

I hope they aren't really crap!
I haven't been offered any really. We had ante-natal classes run by the midwives which covered normal and problem birth, pain relief and yesterday breastfeeding and a visit from a lady who campaigns for reuseable nappies. We also had some physio sessions which were quite good but none of the rest of it at all (i.e. what to expect, feeding routines, getting them to sleep, baths etc) which is quite worrying really as I would have liked that. I have just got several books with photos in with practical stuff so I think it's going to be a case of having the book on the floor by the bath side etc!

Thanks everyone. It really annoys me that it depends on where you live to what level of care and support you get. It sucks!!
PS I will let you know how it goes and if it is worth the trouble!

I havnt been offered any but as this is my 6th guess they think I knew it pretty well by now. Funny thing is its been 11 years since i had a baby and things have changed so much and Im just hoping that it will be like riding a bike once Ive had the baby !! (fingers crossed)

Ill be honest personally I would prefer that forums like this, speaking to other mothers (friends and relatives) far more informative, although im sure some of the parentcraft classes are really great. (thats just personal opinion though) and shouldnt knock it really as Ive never attended one !!

Good luck to you at your classes and keep us updated on whether you found them informative and helpful.

Ragna xxx

Mine was like that. I had one session of antenatal parentcraft and it was from 10-4 on a Saturday. It was good and wasn't boring and time didn;t drag. They covered everything you needed to know and you get plenty of info after to look at and take home. Far better than having weekly ones as some people miss ones because they are tired after work or have other commitments. I really enjoyed mine. xxxxx

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