Just got back from hospital

So glad to hear it Julie - you must be made up! Keep us up to date xxx
Hi, I had to go through the same. I was terrified that I was going to get bad news, but once I saw that little heartbeat I just melted.

Roll on twelve week scan now so i can relax some more!

Really happy for you and your bump!


Have you got a date for your 12 week scan yet? I have mine 1 July!!
Hi Kim, was just thinking about you yesterday. I went to see the midwife yesterday for my booking appointment but they had fluffed up so I have to go back today at 4.

Hopefully she will tell me when I can get my scan.

How are you keeping otherwise?
I'm great thanks.

I have to have my scan before I see the midwife, it must just be the area I live in?? Maybe it's so they can confirm everything is ok and there is a baby there before spending an hour with you!!

Sickness seems to have gone so feel very lucky, but this has happened twice before and it has come back so wont count my chickens just yet.

Have you seen the post on here with a picture of a scan at 7 weeks then one at 9 weeks? it's so much bigger it's unbelieveable!!

How are you feeling?

Let me know how you get on at the midwife appointment today.

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