just a moan about community midwifes

i know im not in this trimester any more... but it wud break my heart if i cudnt post here any more lol

any way im getting totaly pissed of with these so called community midwifes.

i left hossy saturday.. one was meant to come see me sunday. none ever turned up so rang hossy they fobbed me off and promised me one wud come see me monday morning 9am... 9am comes and goes.. after chasing her up she arrives at 11am!!!! then told me some one wud come wednesday 1pm (today) and do the heal prick test and check how im healing.. but its 4.30pm and still no one. so i phoned hossy and they said no one is meant to see me today... what bollox.. im fed up wish i cud just say dont bother seeing me at all... but i want baby to have the care she deserves but honestly i thought these people are meant to be there to support us in the early days... i just been through emergency c section and im a new mum and no one seems bothered

ok moan over lol

love elaine

Not surprised you not a happy bunny. Thats well out of order !!

Same old story I guess, short of staff, budgets etc...its just not on. Hope you get it sorted and they come when they say they will. Keep kicking up a fuss cos you and your little girl deserve the best care.

Ragna xxx
ok she just been and weighed her.. 8lb 2 now... also did the heal prick test. ohhh that nasty woman stabbed her tiny foot twice coz no blood wud come... she was screaming when the started squeezing her foot trying to get blood out... oh mummy instincts.. i wanted to save my little girl from the evil lady lol ( wudnt think im a medical proffessional)
What a farce!!!

They would be on your back if you were late for appointments etc, how rude!

They moan that some mum's don't care and they should pay more of an interest, then when you do by chasing the midwives where abouts they fob you off- you can't win!!
Don't get me started on the midwife thing!!!
I am supposed to be having shared care which means I should be seeing the midwife and my GP alternately.
I have seen my midwife twice and I am now nearly 33 weeks!! My 28 week blood tests came back showing my iron levels had dropped quite a bit and I was/am feeling shattered pretty much 24/7 so assuming I am suffering from annemia. My GP rang me to discuss my blood results and she said having low iron levels can make labour a lot harder (too tired to push, lose more blood etc) and she wanted to keep a close eye on me. She told me to go and see the midwife when I was 31 weeks and then see her at 33weeks and so on until Bubble arrives. So I call the surgery to make my appointment (nearly 2 weeks in advance). Midwife can't see me until the end of October!!! I'll be 36 weeks by then!! So I asked to see the doctor instead. Doctor was also fully booked until around the same time. Got off the phone and cried!! Didn't know what to do?!! 10 mins later the surgery rang me back. My doctor had heard some of the conversation and couldn't believe that no one was going to see me before 36 weeks. Anyway my wonderful doctor has agreed to see me out of surgery hours in her own time for my antenatal check and 34 week blood tests. She can't see me until next Thursday which means I haven't seen anyone for 5 weeks and I'm supposed to be seeing someone every other week but it's better than waiting until the end of October.
I don't expect special treatment but I do expect to be provided with the care I am supposed to recieve. Don't really think that's asking too much!!!
I have to say my midwife visits at home were great, they came when they were supposed to and were great ladies, who I saw when I was pregnant.

Care should be the same wherever you are in the country but it's not and that's what annoys me.

You should not get treated like this, move in Haslemere ;)
I am a doctor, an eye surgeon.
My community midwife left the surgery when I was 12 weeks PG, then on have been having locums, who dont really care. Had to ask a zillion times before I got my MAT B1 & other certificates.Finally at week 34 got a new midwife. She looked as if she was not too incompetent just a little lost at being in a new place. How wrong was I? My bllods at 28 wks showed low iron. So I asked her whether it needed repeating, now that i was so close to delivery. " Ah there's nothing that can be done now even if u have a low iron level, so we wont do it" Also at 24 weeks a vaginal swab showed a Streptococcal infection, which might have just been a false positive. So asked her to repeat the test . "there's no need for that" she said bluntly.
Im having a biggish baby, for which I was scanned recently. With that fresh in mind, when my urine sugars came back positive at 36 weeks, I asked her to do a blood test." No, this was the first episode, we'll wait & seeif itshows up again next time" But she was "booked choc-o-block " the next week, which means I have to stay in limbo until my 38 week, when it was too late to do anything for my diabetes!! A friend who is a consultant has taken over kindly. Monday, she scanned me, checked my urine sugars sure enough it waas positive, so yesterday, did some blood tests.
I called up my surgery today to cancel appointment with my midwife. There's no point in seeing that callous useless waste-of-space!!!!!!!
Hope, it sounds like you need to insist on a different midwife which you are entitled to. You need to speak to your surgery to ask to change - its your legal right so don't ket them give you any crap!!

Just to say my mw here in Eastbourne (yes Elaine) are brilliant. But my friend lives in Swindon and her treatment of care was diabollical.

this is her first baby to get to 34 so far after 3 recognised miscarriages, and she also had what they called late periods (which she thinks were miscarriages too).

She has only seen the mw a few times. her consultant has left due to him having lung cancer and his replacement is a joke. she has not been offered any antenatal classes, and her tour round the delivery suite was done under duress as none of the staff wanted to do it.

surely being a mw would be the best job in the hospital, seeing all that new life, and it seems that there are so many bad workers in the nhs.
It's bizarre isn't it? My midwife is lovely - I wish I could guarantee getting her for my delivery but it's unlikely - the only way I could have guaranteed her would have been to have a home birth.

But one of the women from our antenatal class who is at the same hospital but from different village said her midwife was so appalling she had to go in and make a complaint to the head of midwifery. She now has a different midwife and is a lot happier. She didn't complain until she was around 32 weeks though and now wishes she'd done it sooner.

Care givers should be intrinsically caring people, yet some of them seem so callous - maybe it's because they've been in the job too long and it's time for a career change.

Anyway I'm sympathetic to everyone - I have changed doctors in the past for the same reason. But I've been very lucky to be blessed with such a lovely midwife - I wish they were all like her.

Hope - I agree with Kerry - even if you can't get a new midwife at this stage, then a complaint may prevent anyone else from suffereing at the hands of this incompetent woman. I hope things work out for you though over the next couple of weeks.

Lots of luck to everyone


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