I've caught the cold :( - any tips!


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May 4, 2005
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Hi all!

How are you? Better than me I hope! I have caught the cold and I can not get rid of it :cry: !! I went in past Boots last night and was told I can't take anything other than paracetamol - not even lemsip!!

Can you suggest anything. All I am doing is drinking what seems like gallons of hot orange, etc and steaming myself with Vicks. It's my cough that is really getting to me the most, but I think it's just due to the fact it's waking me up in my sleep!

PLEASE HELP!! Before I drive my husband MAD :twisted:

S. xx
sorry Sarah.. no tips but I think I will need them too soon as I have had the dreaded sore throat and sneezes for a couple of days now.

I think bed rest is only thing.. just try and sleep it off and tea with honey and lemon always helps my coughs.. same as lemsip but good for you.. and yes paracetomol are OK...

take care and so what if you drive OH mad.. thats what they are there for!!!!!!!!! :wink: :wink:
the only thing I could think of was what anne marie said, tea with honey and lemon. You could do with keeping your heating off or down and getting some fresh air.

I had the cold last week and still have the cough, its a bugger.

Hi All!

Thanks for your replies. I am a lot better today - not so bunged up. But my cough.... it's still really bad and getting quite chesty.

I keep loosing my voice too - peace for my husband!!

All I'm doing is steaming and drinking plenty of hot water with lemon. Tried the honey and lemon thing and it unfort made me sick :(

Anyways, thanks again!

S. x
Glad your feeling a bit better, its this scottish weather, it leaves us wide open to the cold. How is it up in Aberdeen, we went there for our honeymoon and it was lovely.
Hi All!

Thanks for the messages - I still have the cough of all coughs, but thought I'd let you know incase any of you are as unfort as me. called my doctor this morning to check if there REALLY was nothing I could take to be told that the chemist at Boots had been speaking rubbish and I could have taken anything. Just to half the dosage ie if it said 2x 5ml spoons every 4 hours just to talk 1x 5ml spoon.

I told him that when I went to the chemist she told me I couldn't even suck on a Tunes lozenge. Well to put it blunt I thought I'd nearly killed my doctor as he chocked with laughter!!

So I will be going to chemist on way home from work to buy everything I can!!

S. xx

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