It seems like everyone has had a miscarriage.

Gemma & Jake

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Mar 5, 2006
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Hi I was just wandering if it is really that commen to have a miscarriage as it seems every forum I look on so many people of had them. I am starting to panic now thinking that it is going to happen to me.
awww dont panic about it hun i have a beutiful baby boy and misscarried twins last month - if u worry about it it will stress u out!!! just look foward to ur next scan
I think it is somewhat common but then saying that there is a board here specifically for coping with a miscarriage so it will make it more obvious how common t is I guess.
Stressing about it won't help you hun. If it is worryong you don't read that area on the forum. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy
Gemz, I felt the same way. My first visit to a Dr to get my pregnancy confirmed was a nightmare as all he kept saying to me was that I shouldn't get my hopes up or get too attached (he backtracked when I started to cry), as miscarriage can happen. This made me very anxious until one morning I saw my regular Dr as I was in a right state and he said to me that yes miscarriage happens sadly and about 10% do end in miscarriage but why am I concentrating on that percentage when the majority do end in a baby. That helped me to put it into perspective, sadly miscarriage is somthing that does happen, I wish there was no such thing but like Sarah and Sami have said worrying about it won't help, and you won't enjoy your pregnancy. Take it easy and think good thoughts xx

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