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Discussion in 'Growing Up' started by Mice_Elf, Dec 31, 2007.

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    Does anyone else's 2 1/2 yr old just not "get" presents? My daughter has never been that enthused over Christmas or birthday.

    This Christmas everyone said "Oh this will be the year that she gets excited" and yes, just does get excited, then hyper, then drops her afternoon nap because she's not relaxed enough, but it's over the people that have turned up, not the presents.

    Christmas Day we took her into our room to open a few of our presents. She opened 2, then was more interested in jumping on the bed and being in Mummy & Daddy's bedroom than opening any more. They were presents that we knew she'd like as well.

    Once downstairs, we ate breakfast and she completely ignored the huge pile of presents under the tree. Once everyone arrived we got her to open 1 present and that was it, she played with that for the rest of the day & just didn't want anything else.

    On Boxing Day we managed to get her to open 2 presents and she played with those and the toy from Christmas Day.

    Since then, if we ask her whether she wants to open a present, she responds with either "no, thank you, mummy, I'm just playing with this." or "no thank you, mummy, I'm too tired.".

    I've even tried telling her what's in the present and being very enthusiastic over it, but to no avail. Even "helping Mummy" while I open one doesn't elicit any real interest. She'll help to open the present saying "what's inside?" but once open, she'll go back to whatever she was doing.

    Eventually (yesterday) we opened the presents from other people so that we could do the Thank You letters and all the ones from us are still under the tree. This happened last year as well, so we just brought the presents out for her birthday in May.

    It's just a real struggle to get her to open presents! We're going to put all the remaining presents away for her birthday again this year. It's wonderful that whatever she opens she plays with to distraction but I'm just wondering if it's normal...

    Anyone else's 2 1/2 yr old still got presents left and doesn't care that they're there?
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    my 2 year old had about 40 prezzies and they were open in 30 mins and then she went on to help everyone with theirs
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    my daughterwas 2 and a half last christmas and never really showed much enthusiasm but this christmas was a different story.

    I think she was a bit scared by the whole thing but this year she was buzzing around trying to play with everything at once.

    Dont worry. I take it she still has some of her old toys there, the change might be a bit much for her to take in.

    Laura x

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