Is there a problem or am I over-reacting


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Mar 16, 2005
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Can anyone help? I have just come home from a weekend away. Unfortunately I was ill for most of the weekend with sickness and diarrhoea. I have been suffering 'morning sickness' for the last 3 + 1/2 weeks or so (only been sick twice, mostly nausea) and though it's been a bit grim, it's been manageable.

This weekend was very different - I awoke on Saturday morning at around 4am feeling sick, but felt so terrible I wasn't able to get back to sleep again. I figured it was morning sickness and so when my hubbie got up, we decided to have a drive out.

I started feeling much worse quite soon after leaving the B&B, with pains in my stomach as well as lower abdomen. We had to stop the car twice so I could be sick. In the evening I had diarrhoea, which worried me as I've been constipated for he last 5 weeks. I also had a mild temperature and felt a little shivery.

On Sunday I mostly felt sick with again a lot of discomfort in my stomach and lower abdomen. I was barely able to eat anything all day Saturday or Sunday.

Now I'm very worried I may have picked up a stomach bug or caught food poisoning.

Does anyone know if the above sounds like just a bad weekend with morning sickness. or if it could be something worse, in which case what are the implications for my pregnancy? I'm just over 9 weeks pregnant now.

In my opinion I think you shoudl go get checked. If for no other reason then to settle you mind and get some fluids it you. Let me know how you go.

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