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Jun 22, 2005
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Ok, i jus feel fat, i went shopppin the other day for a nice pair of jens, and hated it, i sat in the car cryin and whingin that i was fat and ugly and useless, and im never gonna get ne nice clothes ne more, and everyone is starin at me cos im fat, u know the usual rant. My sista was tryin to calm me and kept reminding me that i wa pregnant, but i wasnt havin ne of it, all i could think of was that i was fat and that no clothes fitted me. Lol its funny wen i look back now.

But this satge is doin my head in i dnt look like im def preg jus well fat and bloated, and i just wanna bump now.

Ohhhh come on bring on the bump. Will more than likely want it to go wen i get it tho, and whinge that im even fatter, but hey at least ill look more preg rather than fat. Again i most probs wont see it as that tho.

lol, i jus cant win, :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

bec x x
I thought I was the only one who threw crying tantrums out shopping coz I look 'fat' :lol:
Yep u def aint on ur own, i have ragin cryin fis all the time, i hate clothes shoppin, or wen i have to go out for a night out, etc etc.

bec x x
I've actually been quite calm about my body so far.

My tummy is really sticking out now so I have to watch what I wear to make sure I look pregnant and not fat.

I am surprised that I am so calm about it though, because I have been watching my weight now for ten years, since I was 19 and this really is a huge challenge for me.

My husband doesn't seem to be put off by my curvier shape so thats fine by me. If he goes off me then I will have to throw a tantrum myself! :D

your not alone girls. my last crying fit was last nite cos i cant fit in2 any of my clothes and cant find anything in the shops :evil:

take care it will all be worth it soon!!!!! :D
The things us girls have to go thro, i swear men dnt know how lucky they are. lol. Im gonna atempt another shoppin mission on next pay day, lol. Hopefully i wont be a blubbery mess at the end of it, lol.

bec x x
hi everyone

I know what you mean its so difficult to shop i see all these cute summer dresses but cant fit into any of them :( I went shopping for a dressy shirt and i had to go to the maternity store at the mall which can get so expensive. I think most of us go through the im fat stage exspecually if you can't fit into your favourite clothes.

We just have to think of the results in the end everyone thinks i'm further along because i've been showing for a couple months??

But were all here for eachother right, so keep your chins up and we'll get through it together.

Hope everyone is good

Ok i think im startin to look more preg than fat now (yipppeee about darn time aswell, lol) my sista sed my belly was getttin rounder now, ohhh u know i cant wait o get a biigggg bump. One little prob tho i have a staff night out soon, and no one knows in wrk, ill be 19 weeks by then, dont think there will be ne hidin it then, lol, in wrk it aint so bad cos i wear a baggy t-shirt, but dnt own many loose fittin clothes otherise normaly small tops, arhhhhh, wot to do.

Ahh well i think i will jus suprise them all, and go along and show off me belly.

bec x x
I defo look Pregnant!! they say with your second your bump grows quicker and bigger!!! :shock:
Here is my photo! I am definitely showing now!

What a pretty bump! I'm about that size but not that definition really! I'm a bit tubbier than you, you see. Will try to take a photo and upload it next time I'm online. My sister thinks I'm huge for 16 weeks, my SIL thinks I'm about right, but one girl I know from Salsa class thinks I'm tiny!

Sheesh these differing opinions! :lol:

My bump's getting massive. I had to buy some maternity jeans yesterday because when I got up yesterday morning, I couldn't fit into ANYTHING and had to go shopping in my maternity trousers which I bought for work. My new jeans are brilliant, they're from Dorothy Perkins, they're so comfy, and really trendy too. I might post a pic when my OH can take one of me in them.
My bump is really round at the mo, but bearing in mind i still had a little baby belly from having Amy, but it is still definately big!!

I live in Joggers at weekend, i like the comfort of them, and i have black pants (maternity) for work and i have just bought bigger tops rather than maternity ones.


:D :D :D :D
I love my belly too, I wish it could stay this size thoughout the whole pregnancy.

I had a dream about stretch marks last night, which was pleasant. :shock:

I also bought my maternity jeans from dorothy perkins. I love them. Not cheap and I'm not sure about sitting down in them for great lengths of time, but they look fab for shopping and things like that when I want to look nice (for a change!)

I've been buying bigger tops but saw some maternity tops in Dorothy Perkins reduced from £22 each to £7 each BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!! So they only worked out at £3.50, and I got a couple for £1.50 each. They feel so much better than ordinary tops in bigger sizes.

My jeans weren't expensive, and they're really comfortable. There must be different styles.
Well here is the dreaded 18 week belly pic!! I'm BIG already!! eeek!!


I have got some of my clothes from Asda :)
Well people are saying that my belly has grown more since I have been on holiday so I might have to indulge in an update photo soon.

I love my bump at the moment. Especially now I'm feeling movement.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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