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Jun 8, 2005
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I got my date for my scan through and it is on Thurs when i am only going to be 10.5 it normal to have a scan this early???
I don't think it is that comon but perhaps they had a spare slot and thought you would appreciate getting it done with quickly?

I wish my scan had been at 10weeks and 5 days. It seems like I have been waiting an eternity for mine!

Unless you have been having some worrying symptoms I am sure there is nothing to worry about.

I am jealous!
They tried to book me in at 9 weeks!! It took me ages to convince her to change it. she said it doesnt matter as it's just for dating but even i know that you wont see a lot at 9 weeks! 10.5 should be fine.
its only a dating scan and they can do it from 6 weeks onwards according to the info the midwife gave me
As Michelle said the dating scan can be done from about 6 weeks or more commonly from 8 or 9 weeks. But most people have it at 12 weeks as that is in the NICE guidelines for the best time to get a clear picture of the development of the baby too. I had my scan at 11 weeks and it was clear as day so you'll be able to see perfectly :D Good luck!
I wish I could have an early scan.. I have had 2 early miscarriages before so I am hoping when I see the m/w on Aug 1st she will book one asap for me..

good luck with all your scans and look forward to hearing all about them!

thanks for your comments - i had a dating scan at 5 weeks so that is the only reason i am a little sonfused :? i will let you know how i get tomorrow and hopefully post a piccy!!!
Well, just got back from my scan and everything is fine..needless worring as usual!! Am a little further on that i thought (by a few days) but baby was there and relaxing! thanks god there is only one!!!
I'm having my scaon on Saturday, and I will only be 10wks and 1 day (I think)!

This is also serving the perpose of being a dating scan though because my periods have always been pretty irregular.

I just can't get excited about it though, becuse I've been having pretty chronica abdominal pains for the last 24hrs. I feel all is not good.
gem have you got yourself off to the doctors? they could get you a scan today.
No I can't because I'm visiting a friend 200 miles away from where I live. I have been really poorly for the last day or so, being sick etc, so I hope it's just something to do with that.

I am having horrific nightmares that my baby will be dead. But ther'es no bleeding.

I'm very confused.
Can you not nip into the local A & E and see what they can do - express to them that you are concerned and see if they could even just pik up the babies heartbeat for you just to see if baby is okie.

Hopefully it is just because you have been ill sweetie - or it may just be your pelvis area stretching - I was getting very bad pain and I'd pulled all the muscles in my pelvis area from it stetching!

Good luck babe - hope you feel better soon xx
Sami said:
Hopefully it is just because you have been ill sweetie - or it may just be your pelvis area stretching - I was getting very bad pain and I'd pulled all the muscles in my pelvis area from it stetching!

When you had the pain, did it come in waves?
When I pulled the muscles yes hun - I really thought I was in labour or something similar and that I was losing the baby - but it was just the muscles were all totally over stetched and hurting.

Does it hurt more when you cough or move suddenly?
No not really, it's gone completely now apart from the odd twinge but yesterday, as you said, I thought I was loosing tha baby it hurt so much.

The only thing that made me feel better was lack of blood. I've miscarried before.
It doesn't help that I drank and smoked alot before I found out I was pregnant. I'm just constantly on edge expecting the worst.

Roll on my first scan on Saturday. 11.35am. I hope to god everything is OK.

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