Is Back Ache a sure sign of miscariage??????


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Jun 15, 2005
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Sorry to keep posting about this but Iv'e looked all over this site and cannot seem to find any answer to this apart from in 2nd or 3rd trimester...

I've been getting back ache on my right side since last-night and small amounts of brown discharge..... is this normal so early on???? I know I am only 4 wks 5 days preg could this be implantation bleeding???? only I had a M/C in August and had similar symptoms but at 8 - 9 weeks..

I think deep down I know the answer :oops: but I just need reasurance..

Much Love
From about 5 weeks I was cramping a lot, mainly in my back and sometimes in the tops of my thighs. Of course I was worried at first but my doctor just said it was the uterus stretching.

I also had discharge right from the beginning as well.

Really try not to worry, I know it is easier said than done. I went through 2 m/c's and they were on my mind a lot at the beginning.
Thanx babsi, just come back from the loo, in tears.........
still brown discharge, I wish someone would just put me to sleep and wake me up in 9 months..

It is reassuring to know that I am not alone, I think I may book an appt with my GP if it carries on or worsens.

If you are that worried just go to your local hosp - they cant turn you away...thats what we pay taxes for! I know there is nothing that can be done but it might be good just to put your mind at rest

hope you get it sorted xxxx
sorry i sounded harsher than i ment to xxxxx sending you hugs - just amkes me angry when people don't take you seriously xxx
Hi Davinia,

I feel exactly the same as you, although I know you have added anxiety from your sad time in the Summer.

I had really bad backache when I first found out I was pg and a couple of weeks before that. I still get days when I have an achy back but it's not persistent.

It can be a sign of a water infection.

Have you been to the docs yet? You should get an early scan after your previous loss. If your spotting you defo need to get to the docs, they might want to do blood tests first to check your HCG levels and then send you for a scan.

It does sound like it could be implantation bleeding though. I've had spotting/bleeding since 5.5 weeks and I had an early scan at 6.5 weeks and the nurse said often it's due to implantation bleeding at that stage.

If your not getting any cramps/pains then that's a really good sign.

Please get yourself to the docs if you haven't already done so, explain your situation and I'm sure they will help to do some tests to reassure you.

Im not going to say dont worry - cos I know you will. But to let you know that i had the brown discharge and also bleeding between 7-10 weeks I think it was - like you I was frightened and just wanted to know whether everything was ok or not. (read my posts from early July and you will see what I mean)

If it helps, mine one day just stopped and I have been ok ever since (touches Wood)! I had to have early scans as they thought it was a threatened miscarraige. I think bleeding in early pregancy is more common than is generally thought - but that doesnt make it any easier I know.

Try not to get to distressed as this is not good either - take this weekend to relax and then on Monday if your still really worried - do what I did and take action and demand to see someone - sometimes its the only way. I must admit I got sick of people saying "oh when I was pregnant (in the 70's bear in mind!) we didnt have scans, your lucky etc etc" Yeah well, you dont feel very lucky when its happening though do you!

Hope all works out well for you

L x
Hello Davinia,
I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this worry. I don't know if it will help but I didn't have any backache when I had my m/c. Also, I think that brown blood is old blood and you should be more concerned if it's pink or bright red (sorry if tmi). Having said that, my doctor said some women bleed (like a period) throughout their pregnancies and still go on to have healthy babies.
Try not to let your head go crazy but, if I were you, I'd go to the hospital or to my GP anyway to put my mind at rest.
Thinking of you.
Hi All,

Thank you so much for your advice, I only had one or two small amounts of spotting yesterday and nothing yet today...(fingers crossed) althoughI decided to contact my GP lastnight as I was still concerned because of the intermitant backache and lack of pregnancy symptoms. He said it could be signs of a threatened m/c :oops: and to rest over the weekend if it should get worse to go to my out of hrs GP otherwise ring him monday at noon and he will contact my local EPU. He said he will try and arrange an early scan for in a couple of weeks time, because of my last m/c and I am O- which is slightly worrying too.... :cry:

So I am going to rest over the weekend and do as the doctor says...

Keep your fingers crossed for me......

Loads of Love and baby dust to you all********************

Just to let you know that I'm thinking about you Davinia :wink: I went to the Dr yesterday because of some brown discharge and now have a scan on Monday. I think the best advice is to have things checked out as soon as possible because it is such a worrying time. I really hope all goes well for you. xxx
Hope things go well for you both. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. From experience, the problem for the doctors is that there isnt much they can do at these early stages. Same goes for the hospital because they are limited as to what they can see in the early stages. I had to have a scan at 6 weeks -they couldnt see anything so I had one at 8 weeks (I think thats right)- and I was bleeding in between (so I know how your feeling) and only then they could just see the sac. Its because its so early.

Doesnt stop you being beside yourself with worry though does it.

But more than likely you wil go on to have a healthy preganancy and have alittle baby boo at the end of it!

Follow the Doctors orders and put your feet up and rest!

Keep us posted.

L x
Thanx Ladies.......

Thanx Hanan I'll be thinking of you on Monday, hope all goes well, keep us posted.

I read your threads from July too Lisa, you did have a rough time, wishing you all the best in the rest of your pregnancy and much enjoyment of your bundle (not long now!!).

I'm going to speak to my GP tomorrow too so I'll keep you all posted.

Love Davinia.xx

Just an update...... I spoke to my GP and he has booked me in for an early scan at the EPU for 29th December at 8.40am I shall only be 6 +5 wks, but should be able to see if everythings ok in there, heartbeat etc... :)

Would love to hear from anyone else whos had a scan around this time.

I'm excited but nervous, will be good to reassure me and put my mind at rest, what with this back ache.... :oops:

Fingers crossed.

Been thinking of you Hannan, hows your scan go today???????

Love to all.

Hi Davinia,

I had my first scan at exactly the same time. At this stage, they can detect the embryo and the yoc sac right next to each other and the heartbeat. The hearbeat seems to consume the whole embryo at this stage.

We were amazed by the hearbeat, it flutters like mad.

Although there's not a lot to see, it's so reassuring to know that everything is in the right place and that there's a heartbeat. It's so hard to believe that the tiny dots on screen develop into a baby.
I'm glad you've been to your GP Davinia, and having a date for your scan will give you something to focus on. I really hope all goes well for you and I'll be keeping an eye on your posts! Take care, chick. xxxxx
Davinia just wanted to let you know that i had a scan at 5.5 weeks - we could only see the sac at this time not the heart beat so if they can't see the heart it DOES NOT mean that there isnt one it just might be too early to tell

thinking of you xxxxx
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post Hannan, with all what you've been through too......................
I am thinking of you Hun....

Thanks everyone too for your replies, I shall be 6wks +5days when I have my scan so fingers crossed all will be fine.

I'll keep you all posted.

Merry Xmas.

Love Davinia.xx

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