Is anyone else being turned into a human pin cushion?!

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by Phoenix85, May 26, 2016.

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    With my first baby I only had bloods taken at the booking in appointment up until I was tested for Cholestasis at around 34 weeks and then had to have them tested every other day til I delivered to test LFTs etc. With my second it was the same except that I had tests every 4 weeks in the second half of the pregnancy to check for OC (which still was only detected around 35 weeks) and then had to have them checked twice a week til I delivered.

    This time I had booking in bloods taken, then had them done again at 28 weeks, the 28 week ones showed enlarged red blood cells so the GP asked me to have them re done 6 days later so I could have a full blood count and check for vitamin levels.
    The 28 week ones also showed slightly low platelets (136 and should be over 140).
    But the 29 week ones (6 days later) showed OK vitamin levels and my platelets were 140. No one's mention whether my red blood cells are still enlarged or normal.

    Then at my 34 week appointment I was told I had to have the bloods done again and they just rang me to say my platelets are now 120 so they want me to have them re checked this coming tuesday (which will be 7 days after my last blood test). I asked if I could just wait til my 36 week appointment but was told they didn't want to leave me that long and also if they aren't up I'll have to see a consultant about it.

    So frustrating.

    Also apparently it's an issue as it's to do with clotting factor but my blood is still clotting well/quickly.

    It's just one thing after another at the minute :roll:

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