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Dec 16, 2005
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Hellooooo ....

Just wondering if:

A) Any of you other August mums are still out there somewhere???
B) Have you given any thought to baby names yet???

Hope your all doing well .... Would Love to hear from some of you soon, im starting to think that you have all left me!!!

Scans are due for your girls soon so fingers crossed ....

Take care ...

Love Imi + Bean
Hiya chick!

I'm still here just been really busy and not had much time to read everything and post.

How are you doing anyway?

We have thought of a few names and have settled on a boys but I can't find any that I like at the mo.
We have picked for a boy ; Leon Johnathan (Johnathan is after my great grandad who has been like a dad to me, he's still alive, if you were wondering....95! he is, how good is that.
Anyway, girls name.... thought we had picked it at weekend but I've gone off it, it was Macy. What do you think of it?

What have you picked/if any?

speak soon xx
Hey ya !!!

Im doing fine .... sounds like you are too!!! ... apart from rushing around, u been up to much??

Picked out a girls name ... madeleine ruby grace (Bit o a mouth full!!!) lol
but we have stuck with that since we found out ... but we are stuck on boys ...

Thinking of luca ethan ... or ethan joshua, posted on baby names thread ... MIL scoffing at the names we've picked ... GGGRRRRR

I like macy i think it's lovely!!! there's loads of girls names ... it's boys we are struggling with!!!!

Anyway ... Hope all is well..

Take care

Love Imi+Bean
Hi Imi & Sam,

Sorry I've not been around much recently, we've had our lounge & dining room painted in an attempt to seel our flat, so I've been banished to the bedroom to avoid the fumes. I've never watched so many crappy films!!

As for names, we decided on girls names before we were even PG!! There are quite a few we like, but top of the list seems to be Lily Anna, & a close 2nd is Aimee Grace. We are really struggling with boys names though. We like Aidan, Nathan & DH likes Ethan. I swing between liking them, & not!!

We have decided that we want to know the sex of the baby, so should know well in advance whether we have to come up with a boys name!! Unfortunatley, we have to pay for the priviledge, but we have both decided we can't wait!!

Glad you are both doing well, we are desperate for our scan so we know all is ok. We did nip into Mothercare the other day for a look at pushchairs though - couldn't resist. Were really impressed by their nursery plan - you can basically choose & pay for all your stuff over a time scale with no interest & as long as you have paid for it 10 days before you want it delivered you're laughing. Fab for us as we are in a 1 bed flat, & trying to move at the mo!!

Take care xx
Hi All...

Haven't been busy but still don't seem to find the time to get on here! Used to pop on at lunch time in work but due to us being in a temp make shift office for the time being it's hard to get any privacy... people looking over your shoulder etc! anyway dcided to leave the sunday cleaning up till later and pop on here for a chat!

Glad everyone is doing okay.. Love the names you've all chosen so far! have you noticed old fashioned names are so popular at the moment! I love grace... it's really girly... DH loves Gracey.. I think we've settled on Isabella Grace (issy for short) and Jacob for a boy...

Have any of you decided yet on labour pain relieve? i know it's early days but i've been thinking about it. I think i'm gonna hire a Tens machine from mothercare.. you hire it for 4 weeks and if needed you can ask for a further 2 weeks which is free.... The hospital i'm booked into have relaxing rooms... which you check into on arrival and stay the whole time! you go thru all stages of labour and even deliver in there... then it becomes your bedroom... aparently all the machinery is hidden behind pictures.. It's made to look like a home from home... The only time you'll be moved from this room is if you request an epidural.. then they have to take you to a true delivery suite!!! so i'm hoping i don't need one! I'm not going to rule an epidural out but i'd like to think i can do this without one!

Hi Hayley,

I can't believe what name you've chosen for a niece is called Isabella Grace!!!!! How strange is that! It is a beautiful name, I love both names but I can't chose them! We are really struggling to find a girls name.... it's really hard!

About the pain relief......I want an active birth with a tens and gas and air only. I really don't want an epidural. I have asked about a private room at my hospital but you can only book them on arrival. I really hope there's one free when I get there, I like the idea of being on my own with the baby and not being disturbed by other women on the ward and thier visitors.

Going back to the tens machine, a couple of friends of mine have said that the boots ones are the best, they are on a 4 week delivery then 2 weeks free after, like the mothercare ones. I'm not sure on the price, but I know it's not expensive. I'll be hiring one of these!

Sam xx
that is so weird sam... about the name!!! Isabella grace is a beautiful name thou...

i'm the same as you.. when it comes to labour! i'd like an active birth... but then i would also like the baby heart beat monitored - which would mean i'd be restricted movement! I'd like to cope with the tens machine and gas n air... but i'm not ruling out pethadine... lets hope we have a strong pain barrier...

Hey guys ...

Well my gosh i feel better, just come back from my frans ... had to get away from the MIL!!!! know i won't stay this de-stressed for long but hey, the break was nice!!!

Been talking about my labour and want active .... just tens machine and G&A... you can buy the machines from mothercare quite cheeply too... handy just incase lol!!!!

Madeleine ruby grace is ours .... still not decided for a boy ... loving your names tho there fab!!!

Well i hope all is well for you .... i have my scan on thrus so fingers crossed all is well ....

Take care all speak soon ....


My babe is due 2nd August.

I like Ella Jane for a girl and at the mo Harvey for a boy???

16 weeks today!!
Welcome all the newbies!!!!

Bloody hell im sat here looking at my ticker in a stunned awe!!!! has anyone else noticed how quick it's going??

I can't belive im nearly 14 weeks pregnant, it's nuts!!!! It seems just like yesterday, now the birth seems like and impending nightmare in less than 20 something weeks AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

Anyone else getting freaked or am i just being a nut???

Take care all,

Love imi+"the ever closer not so little bean"
Er yes totally freaked out about the labour and sleepless nights but in the same breath so bloody excited!!

Hey there...

Im soooo excited but soooooooooooo freaked out in 25wks im going to have a baby AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

I can't wait until the baby is here due to the fact me and my OH will be back together again, but now im really starting to go nuts about being a good mum and about the actual birth and the pain ....

EEEEWWWWWWWW getting so panicked about this and no books are helping it's all just making it seems soooooo much worse...

Anyone else feeling like this or am i just being a total bloody idiotic fool??? Im terrified about giving birth and worrying myself sensless over it :(

Proberly just being stupid tho ... or am i???

Well im going to try and get an early night as im not sleeping at the mo ... bed seems very uncomfortable to me and im getting flushes all the time ... anyone would think im menopausal lol!!!!

Take care all, hope someone else can reasure me about this isssue, i feel like im letting myself down in someway but can't help being terrified ...

Well byebye ...

Love Imi+Bean

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