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Is any one else worried how to cope???


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Apr 21, 2005
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I am worrying how im going to cope with the companies 6 whole weeks maternity pay, which is what im sure most places pay.
im scared in case i have any problems and may have to finish work earlier, ideally i would like to to stay at home for longer with my baby, but i cant afford to live on the £106 stat mat pay per week. im trying really hard to get bills paid off now and for the next 7 months, as we have quite a bit of debt to clear.
Im starting to really worry, when i do go back to work, whos going to look after my boo? how am i going to manage to pay mortgage and child care and bills, and for baby stuff....all df says is that were not the only ones.....i know he's right......HELP, any advice most welcome.
On top of this, im worrying about coping with baby boo, will i be natural? there is so much to get wrong!
oh for gods sake, will some one give me a slap, just read post back, what awhinger....and im only 10 wks!! lol.
thanks girls, and sorry. :oops:
Hi Hels

Did you have a good holiday?
Hi Hels

You are not alone here! I was sat up till 3am this morning with DH discussing our options. I will only get the basic 6 weeks at 90% then 20 weeks at £106 aswell. I used to work for local govt and got 6weeks at 90% and the rest at 50% - that was difficult enough!

I have been exploring all options. I am seriously considering doing after school childminding and returning to work after my 6 months part time. I have 2 kids already - 1 at school, one still at nursery, so I have so much to pay out in childcare costs that I may well be better off to look after them myself more.

It has realy put a dampner on my pregnancy at the moment. It was not planned, we are in a very tight financial situation and I really don't know how we are going to cope.

Ideally I would like to take a couple of weeks before the birth and the remainder of my 6 months afterwards - I just don't know how I can afford it.

He thinks - financially - I should be thinking about going back to work as soon as my money drops - but I don't want to leave a 6 week old baby to go back to work. They are only babies for such a short time I want to enjoy being a new mum for as long as possible.

Its so difficult!
glad im not on my own!!! Im the same, really dont want to leave my baby at 6weeks to go back to work, how are you suposed to build up a routine, and bond etc? im all for working mums, but 6 weeks is just a little early for me, and like you i really would like some time off before the birth too. Im a nurse so may do some bank work, but can you do that whilst claiming stat mat?? think ill give my notice on current job after the 6 wks pay. Oh god, my head is going to burst!! lol
But if you are going to give notice on your job Hels, you might aswell wait until after you maternity pay finishes. I don't think you will get much more in normal benefits will you (just out of interest).

It's really hard, I don't understand how people seemed to manage before. Guess mortgages etc weren't so big!

i am too very worried about fiances when im on leave i get 6 weeks full pay then stright onto 106 a week.

i would like to say with my first child i was only allowed 4 months off on maternty pay (this was over 4 yrs ago ) i went straight back into full time work and struggled on paying a childminder.

I greatly regret this now as feel as if lost the first years of my daughters life .

With this child i plan to quit or get a evening job etc as when it comes down to it money is not everything .i wil give up my car and weekends out etc .

one thing i am worried about is i feel so guilty leaving my first child and then always being there for second .any one got any ways of dealing with this ???

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