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    Hi everyone, I used to be on this site during my first pregnancy, and I found it wonderful to be able to ask questions & share my pregnancy.

    I'm back after a recent 'late period' thinking I'm pregnant or that something was wrong. After a week of trying to convince myself I'm pregnant, I'm finally admitting it WAS a period & not IB, but it's made me realise how much I want another baby, and it's been so hard letting go of the hope. :(

    OH & I are going to discuss if & when to try for baby number 2 once our LO starts pre school, (after Easter hols)

    A few questions:

    Anyone who has more than one, what's their age gaps and how did you cope?
    And also how did your first child cope with the new little one?

    So yes, I'm 25 & currently work part time, we rely on grandparents for babysitting atm although we're going to enrol LO into pre school soon. OH & I are engaged but have no wedding planned as of yet! Our LO is amazing, 18 months old & a little star, a right little brain box, so well behaved & sleeping 12 hours a night! Can't ask for anything more.

    Pretty much it! Good luck to everyone TTC and to those who are pregnant! :)
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