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Mar 29, 2005
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I have posted in this area as I thought that ladies at this stage may be able to help.

I know I do not have much to worry about at this stage in my pregnancy but I was wondering the other day about when do we start to produce breast milk? As I have conjured up in my mind, my husband and I having foreplay and I just don't want him getting a mouth full of breast milk!!!??? :oops: :shock: Sorry to be so blunt but I am not sure who to ask, as none of the books seem to cover this sort of area!

Thanks in advance!!!

Sarah x
And I'm due in about 3 days time and haven't leaked either!

Lots of people do though, and you start producing milk at about 16 weeks! So presumably in theory you could start leaking from then on.

Sorry but there's nothing you can do about it if it'll just have to hope he's very understanding about it! :shock:
I have noticed a drop or two probably about 4 weeks ago, maybe more (can't remember anything anymore). I was absolutely devastated and talked to my DH, but he says not to worry because at least we know I can feed the baby. He also said he has never noticed anything himself.
I started leaking milk at 20 weeks with my first, to the point where I ended up wearing breast pads for the rest of my pregnancy......I too was absolutely horrified and rang my midwife........she wailed down the phone how wonderful it was that I had such a great milk supply so early and that it basically meant I would be able to feed my baby well. At the time I felt like daisy the cow but now, years on after starting to train as a breastfeeding counsellor I know it really was a good thing.

As far as your foreplay is concerned, try hand expressing your breast to see if anything comes out, if it doesn't then there's probably no chance of it happening during foreplay.......but just keep an eye on it as it could start at any point or it may not start until baby is born.

Much love
Thanks ladies for your replies! I feel a little reassured now! Its little questions like this that I think need to be covered in the pregnancy books!

Best wishes to yourselves and bumps.

Sarah x :lol:
Am am currently 20 weeks and I started 'leaking' about a week ago, it has only happened twice, but I understand what you mean and I have joked about this happening to my father. I have found though that foreplay or squeezingthem hasent caused a jet of milk to burst fourth, it just seems to happen during the night when I realise they are slightly wet. I wouldn't worry to much unless your partner actually starts sucking on them then it would probably cause something!
I've leaked from fairly early on and I went through one stage where it seemed to be constant but it's back to little dribbles. I've also found that it's worse when I'm not wearing a bra like in bed or first thing in the morning etc.
It will worry me too a little later on as people use nipple stimulation to start labour! so maybe if your really early can this happen early? I think my man will have stay away!! hehe
Hi Sarah,

thanks for asking that question as I was wondering that too :). Oh how I love message boards- where would we be without them? :)


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