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    This is my third pregnancy and I have never had indigestion before but now I have it all day, every day! I am constantly burping and everything I eat repeats on me. It's driving me crazy!
    Any suggests for dealing with this are welcome!
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    I have bad acid reflux which more or less is indigestion so I have omeprazole for really bad days but these were already prescribed for me.

    Not so bad days ill have milk and ranitadine or zantac.

    In my last pregnancy I was drinking gaviscon from the bottle too.

    Avoid spicy, fatty or citrusy things that doesnt help.

    Hope you feel better soon. I remember clear as day last pregnancy eating a dominos pizza and spending 3 days being in agony with indigestion.

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    I feel for you, I've been the same.

    Only started having heartburn or acid indigestion recently, but the whole pregnancy I've had tonnes of wind and been burping loads. Some days it drives me crazy lol.

    A couple of times I've found I have got constipated and suffered worse, like I'm backed up lol.
    So for the last week or so I've been eating smaller meals and buying more fruit, less veg, and stuff like cucumber, hummus, pitta bread, bagels etc (as snacking is better than having huge meals especially on an evening). I've also had porridge a few evenings for my dinner, and I've been buying packs of prunes from Sainsburys and finishing a bag in two or three days lol.
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