Increased Migraines


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Mar 15, 2005
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I suffer from migraines generally and have doone for the past 5 years, i am 28 and approx 20weeks in to my preganacy.

I had a huge migraine the day before i found out i was pregnant, :shock: (fortunatley all the drugs i took on that day proved to be ok - after an initial period of worry)
since then i've either had really bad headaches/shoulder-neck aches or i've had multpile migraines i had 4 last week, very depressing especially when i can only take Paramax sachets (paracetamol and metochlopramide) they are ok, but the taste of them now is starting to make me puke...!

midwife told me to phone if i get visual distrubances or severe headaches as it could be pre esclampsia, but how do i tel the difference between that and a migraine... :cry:

other thans that i feel fine - i am having acupncture so i will see if that helps my head.. just worried that i'm overdosing the kid with paracetamol!

Is any one else the same?? :idea: :?:
Hi, I also suffer form really bad migraines and cluster headaches, im constantly taking paracetamol which does nothing i was on preventatives called sanomigran but had to stop taking them when i found out i was pregnant. I am going to make an appointment with my doc to see if there is anything stronger i can take as im constantly suffering its horrible i always worry about the baby and what all these doses of parcetamol are doing to baby.
I used to take paramax but they didnt work either, i didnt know you could take them when you were pregnant?
Go and see your midwife or doc hun if you are worried i am going to go.

due date 6/8/05

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