increased discharge or a show


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Jul 25, 2005
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Hi I am not sure if it is increased discharge or a show. :?

I was quite busy yesterday and probably did a bit more then i should, late afternoon when I went to the toliet when I wiped there was quite a bit of stringy thick yellow/green discharge, (similar if you have thick snot when blowing your nose) is this increased discharge or an early show.

I had some again when I vsited the toilet this morning, it doesnt sit on my knickers but is quite thick when I wipe.

Sorry if to much info just not sure :oops: :oops:

sounds like a show but was it blood stained?

when i had my show it was quite bloody
Hi Jo Jo,

No it was just yellow/greeny on both accasions

Im not too sure then. It does not sound like discharge if it was thick and stringy it sounds more like a show. fingers crossed it was a show and somethin else will happen over the next few days :D
Hi Jo,

Thats what I thought as I am loosing discharge and that is marking my knickers :oops: but this just sits in my :oops: :oops: until I wipe it is too thick to mark my knickers.

I hope it isnt too soon I havent given up work yet let alone got my labour bag out :shock:

Oh gosh ive just noticed your ticker says your only 33 weeks. Sorry Sarah i hope its not that soon either.

Keep an eye on things and if it gets worse call the hospital and see if they have any advice or will check all is ok. We dont want the baby coming yet.

Do you know what sex the baby is?
Hi Jo Jo

we decided against finding out what sex it was, I think it is a boy though mummy's instinct :lol:

I have put it down to doing to much yesterday, I got caught weeding the garden by my partner and got severly berated for it :lol: then he told me off for cleaning the window pvc frames in our living room :angel:

I hope its just down to overdoing it.

We knew Jess was going to be a girl, i was too impatient and wanted to decorate the bedroom the right colour but next time i definately want a surprise. Its so exciting.
mum2bihope said:
Hi Jo Jo
I have put it down to doing to much yesterday, I got caught weeding the garden by my partner and got severly berated for it :lol: then he told me off for cleaning the window pvc frames in our living room :angel:


Did your OH offer to do it instead? I get told off for doing things but the things I do never seem to get done unless I do them! - very strange :think: -

I've had quite alot of discharge since I got preggers and in the last few weeks noticed some of it is sometimes a nice shade of green :lol:.
Just found this link (& promptly scared myself! :shock: )

I saw my M/W last Thurs & will be seeing her again this Thurs (so will mention it) & my wee wee sample was fine so not sure whats going on but as yours is a yellowy/green colour it could be an infection so i'd get it checked out to be on the safe side.

Oh the joys of pregnancy :lol:

Hi Nikki.

thanks for the site, it doesnt smell which is a good thing, i am booked in to see my midwife next week so I will get it checked out then.

My partner is very good, he was busy decorating out living room at the time, he knew i was putting a plant in that his parents gave me but when he found out I was weeding and hadnt even got the plant in, he took over dug the hole planted it and told me to go indoors sit down and :roll: I am just inpatient and cant sit down, :lol:

I have a list on my frigde of jobs I want to do before baby comes and about half way down it has "change spare room round" he has since read this list and this weekend the spare room was emptied and changed round and crossed off by him :lol: :lol:

Trouble is it looked good in my head but not in practice, I think I will wait until baby is born and change it back myself :shhh:
You lucky thing, where you meet a man like that?! think i'll have to trade in mine :lol: think i may try that list on the fridge & see if it works, I can't be anymore subtle than that!!!!
Thanks Nikki,

I met him through work he asked me out and I told him where to go (I thought it was a stich up) :wall: I then had to spend the next few months making sure I was where he was (chasing him) before we got together and that was seven years ago I love him to bits.
:lol: :lol:

Awww bless you. He sounds like a right nice chap :D
My hubby is a sweetie really, he does try.
He'll always make me a cuppa & has massaged my back nearly every day since I was about 16 weeks pregnant, he'll always do something if I ask him to, he needs a push in the right direction where the houseworks concerned & it would be lovely if he did it off his own back, but then again the poor sod has to contend with me moaning all the time about how much I hurt at the mo.! :lol: :( should feel sorry for him really!

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