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Nov 19, 2006
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Hey, this is mine and my fiance's 4th month of TTC and according to many calenders and websites i ovulate this week but what's confused me is yesterday when i wiped there was bit of light brown ish colour on the tissue and then nothing again, Had much discharge past few days sorry (tmi) iv read and read about implantation but im not sure if it can occur around ovulation i thought its when your due your af and some people mistake it to be af. So am confused. Af is not due for 11 days yet =s
Help please ? =]
I don't know if I can help much with this but I used to notice an increase in normal discharge around the time of ovulation. So it could be that you are ovulating now.

Can't you buy one of those kits from the chemists which will tell you when is the most fertile time? I'm sure I've seen them advertised.

I fell pregnant about 5 days after my period finished. That goes totally against all that I've read about ovulation. :think:

Good luck conceiving!

I dont know what to think of it lol, So am going to buy a test today, It may be abit early though to test, Af is not due for over a week yet, But i am not sure why i got very small amount of what seemed to be old blood on friday, as my first day of last af was 15th december and i have a 26 day cycle, Should i test/
I guess you could see if the test will give a result before your period is due before you buy it?

Good luck!

I did a test n i got BFN! But i got a pack of two, so i think il wait to see if af arrives!
A lot of women experience a small bleed around ovulation- I have done very occasionally. I also get pain and some pmt type symptoms when I ovulate as well - it can be confusing cant it :shock:
Heres a update anyway, Last few days iv been non stop eatin, have felt so hungry but theres nothing in the house that i actualy want to eat :? And really have alot of wind (Sorry lol) And im getting quite a few spots. a few on my belly..
Could this be a symptom?

Af is not due til a week yet but at the moment it feels like shes gona arrive now, if you get what i mean.


It does sound good but my suggestion would be NOT to test and try and sit tight. My AF was on the 16th December and i am on a 28 day cycle. Like you i am tempted but i know from experience its best to wait. You can get a faint BFP which fades if you test too early. So its best to hang on in there.

Hope that helps.


good luck, sounds promising and the calenders are just a rough guess, could ovulate sooner or later .
Here's an update, Past 2 days, feeling very tired, im having 11 hour sleeps and still feeling very tired. Occasional bubbly feelin in lower stomache. Lot of wind, Really hungry, Visable vains around my nipple. What do you ladys think? Af is not due til the 10th.
:shock: are you me?
I experianced the discharge thing yesterday... very little amount but with brown stuff in it :shock:

im very moody and for some reason im itching a lot :?

any ideas anyone? you can see where i am in my cycle by my ticker :wave:
You can tell by my tiredness i've only just got up :shock: Yeh i've been very itchy too, No idea why, I usualy go itchy when my fiance uses fabric softner with my clothes lol, But he aint, i do hope its a good sign for both of us! 6 days til af is due, Yeah i've been quite moody too lol to be honest i think my fiances scared of me now hehe, Well il stop going on but one last thing, Since i had the the light ish brown blood when i wiped last friday, I've been feeling like AF is gona come, wich usually happens everymonth, i get alot more cm (sorry) for a few days but then it just carries on :s So since friday iv pretty much had that and Af is not due til 10th. I do hope i am pregnant, otherwise i have no excuse for my wind :oops:
Do you have this too?

my wind is unbearable... oh thinks im competing for his spot as chief windbreaker :lol:

af is due the 11th for me :x ive had some cramps like shes on her way, not so much today though :?

the itchiness is beyond for me.. woke up in the middle of the night like a flea ridden stray dog :lol:
Yeah seems like that to me, had pretty much non stop discharge and wind for about a week lol. Atleast the pumpings silent though, it'd be more embarassing if they had sound! I had thrush the other day too, so it was mixed in with my itching so i was going crazy :lol:

Here's my symptoms anyway:
Needing to pee soon as i wake up and quite alot durin the day to say i dont even drink anything much,

I"ve been very hungry lol

Bad itching at night,

Alot of wind

I had some heartburn last week, aswel as the spotting.

Mild cramps & mild backache.

I hope these are a good sign =] An i hope you get your BFP!! I long for one! i havnt had one yet!.
Good luck to you and everyone else!

6 days to go =D
the hunger pangs are awful for me!!!

itchiness ditto!!

had some heartburn but put it down to what i had eaten that day then realised what id eaten wouldnt really cause it.

how long after ov is implantation supposed to occur? :?
According to sites i've been on its from 6 days i think. I thought i was ovulating when i had the spotting but I could be wrong about my ovulation time or it could of been a ovulation bleed but i've never had that before.

When did you ovulate??
around xmas eve/day hun :?

so it would be about 9 days past ov for me... saying that... when i wiped on monday i noticed a tiny weeny amount of brown stuff :?
It sounds good to me, My friend had a implantation bleed 3 days after she ovulated wich is suprising i know, So way i see it, anytime after ovulation a implantion bleed is possible!
suppose it depends on the body doesnt it... as weve seen nothing is set in stone really :?

good luck anyway... :hug:
Good luck to you too, You'l have to let me know how the testing goes and i shall do the same, I'm tempted to go out and test now but im stopping myself!!

Good luck & baby dust to you.


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