implantation/ovalation bleeding?

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by xangelttcx, Oct 9, 2016.

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    Oct 9, 2016
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    So I am new to the site, as my husband and I are trying to get pregnant, I have had one miscarriage before, very early on only about 9 weeks. So here goes yesterday the 8th of Oct early on afternoon I had light blood hardly any on the TP when wiping, (sorry if TMI) and then later on in the day it got pretty heavy 1st day period like for me, where I can go without a pad and just use a tampon, if I need to post an image I will cause I have one! (yes I was sort of spooked) My last period date was the 20th of September which makes me CD 17 and I usually have a pretty regular period 30/31 days and so far this month I've not been stressed so it looks like so far it should be normal for me. Any ideas on the heavy bleeding?

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