Implantation bleeding or AF????


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Jul 8, 2005
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Hi All,

I need some advice please!!

EmmaandGary said:
We've been TTC since April, and my cycles are pretty erratic!! It was 28 days when I first came off the pill, then 31 days, 46 days and I am now on day 39 of this cycle and waiting for my AF to rear its ugly head!! I have done several tests so far as its hard to resist, but all BFN.
I am hoping that my cycles will shorten and settle down, but who knows!!

My AF arrived on day 43 this time and stayed for less than 48 hours. It was reasonably heavy (TMI) :oops: !! It has now stopped almost totally when usually it lasts for a good 5 days, if not longer. I also haven't had any cramps like I usually get. The length of my AF was the only consistant thing about my cycles, and the horrendous cramps!! :cry:

Could this be implantation bleeding? I know that most people say they get 'spotting' but this was more than that. Does anyone has any thoughts or similar experiences?? :?
sorry hun im on second pregnancy and not had any implantation bleeding on either so cant help you there might be worth testing to see what result you get good luck xxxxx
I had spotting but it wasn't like a period. It was more brownish discharge, (sorry if TMI!).
Hi Emma,

Some people do get periods when they are pregnant but not sure how heavy they are?

Are you charting your temps at all? That will help give you a clue, if you have 18 consecutive high temps above the coverline then you are pregnant.

Perhaps do a test?

Good luck!
Hi emmaandgary,

I read in my miriam stoppard conception and pregnancy book that implantation bleeding is vaginal discharge which usually contains a small amount of pinkish or brownish blood. Only about a third of pregnant women experience this. Im 4 days late and had very slightly pink CM 2 days ago, i tested last week coz i had a spare test lying round and was feeling down but is was negative. maybe it was too soon or my AF is just still irregular.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for all your replies ladies, I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that it was AF, but irregular as normal at the moment!! I did a test which was negative, and I'm kind of hoping that shorter AF may mean shorter cycle. Hopefully they are settling down at long last!! :D :D

No Bagpuss, I'm not charting at the moment. I plan to use ovulation sticks for the next 2 months, relax and do nothing while we are away getting married, and then chart when we get back...................thats my plan unless we get a little bean in the meantime!! HERES HOPING!!!! :)

Who knows, maybe we will have a honeymoon baby!! :wink:


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