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Apr 2, 2005
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Think many of you already know as I have mentioned it before in previous posts.

My 18 year old daughter Nikki is due any day now !!! (Due date 8th Feb) This means Im going to be a Nanna, OH a Grandad (ha ha) and Aidan is going to be a Uncle at 8 weeks old !!!

Shes had a few crappy days though and was taken into hospital on Tuesday and Wednesday (typically the day I was looking forward to at last meeting Sami!) because her Blood pressure was high, and they were concerned about Pre-elampsia but she is home now and apart from feeling fed up is much better.

Im going to be with her for the Birth and her partner and I have been frantically freezing milk (6oz record this morning in one hit!) so OH can look after Aidan whilst im away. Not sure how I feel about being with her, excited but not looking forward to seeing my daughter in pain though.

Was a shock 9 months ago when she told us she was pregnant at 17 but from day one both OH and I were supportive of her (as were our family and Gareths her partner) and now the happy event is about to happen it seems quite surreal. Only seems like yesterday I was taking her to Ballet !!! (Good toes, naughty toes)

So just wanted to share this with you...and will let you know when she eventually gives birth.

Ragna xxxxxxxxxx
Awww how exciting!!!!

If I'm honest he only real reason I would ever want a girl is because you can share this amazing experience with them! Girls are always closer to moms when they are adults I think.

How lucky you are to both have babies at the same time too, they'll grow up to be best buddies!
I bet this will be an amazing experience for you both.
Wow how exciting for you Ragna!! Does she know the sex of the baby? Wow Aiden must be the worlds youngest uncle!!!! lol Will be lovely for them to grow up together like Urchin says!

Is she nervous about the birth?? you will have to let us know when she has had the baby!
That's so cool! I'm excited for you too! My Mum came in with me as my OH was too squeamish. She wasn't looking forward to seeing me in pain either and she worried about being squeamish but now she is dead keen to be there the next time and she thanked me for asking her to be there :) :). From my point of view there was no one I would rather have had as she was great! She gave me hugs, held the gas and air at the right height, gave me sips of water and a bit of chocolate between contractions and generally cared for me physically not to mention the moral support. I think my OH would have been as frightened as me frankly so it was so good to have her there and I'm sure it was largely her calming female influence that made it possible for me to have a natural birth :)

Wishing you both lots of luck!
first of all congratulation and i hope it goes well for her

i had High BP to in pregnancy gave me a speedy labour :D i to had my mum there and she was great slapped me round the face and told me to shut up sounds silly but i really needed - my mum now says she was really nervous like u - but it has made her feel very much apart of B's life.
and 6oz well done
love sarah and braydon
I'm glad she is oing well mate and beign fed up is all she is worrying about!!

I had my mum there with me at the birth with my OH and I really appreciated her being there. She didn't do anything really, or talk to me much, but her being there helped loads.

Will definately have to re-arrange soon! :D Met with Bubble yesterday and we said we should all get together :D

Awww how exciting :D My sister in law is due in just over 2 weeks now it's just brill :D
Hope everything goes well and that we hear happy news soon Nanna Ragna :D
Hi Ragna

Just wondered how your daughter is getting on? Has she had any pains/show etc?

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Nikki is still pregnant as far as I know - Ragna hasn't said otherwise. I'll get Ragna to update when I see her later today. I think Nikki is back in hospital being monitored though. This was the last I knew yesterday evening.

(Hope you don't mind me updating Ragna?!)

Thank you Sami, no problem, I dont seem to get on as much last few days lol. Where does the day go ????

Update on Nikki is that she is again at the hospital today being checked because she has protein in her water but her blood pressure is ok. The reason they are being so good is that I had full blown eclampsia with my first born and suffered around 6-7 fits and we both nearly died. (this was in 1986 when the care was not so good) So I guess they have to be extra careful as she may have inherited a blood disorder (Factor V Leiden) that appears to be a factor in women getting pre-eclampsia.

Will let you know when she gets back

Thanks for asking Lucyxxxxx

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