I'm probably being dumb here....


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May 16, 2005
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Hiya everyone, I know I'm probably just being dumb, but could someone tell me how to get my ticker to come up at the bottom of my posts? Thanks! luv kel :oops:
Not being dumb kellie ..... I can't do it either!!

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey girls,
what you need to do is put the code into the "signature" part of your profile with the brackets round it, so it should look something like this:

Thanks Becky, I've got it now (I hope! lol) How about you Lindsay? luv kel x :D
Awwwww thanks Kerry :) and it looks like you're testing next Friday, the same day as me! Good luck hun and babydust for us both, luv kel x
Thanks Kel,

I am having a nightmare, I hate this 2WW.

I am already suffering (or imagining) tender breats, crampy abdomen, heartburn and headaches!!!

Such a tough time, waiting.

With my first two children I never got a BFP till about 6-8 weeks pregnant but at least this time my periods are regular as clockwork so I am just praying for a missed period rather than a BFP.

Good luck honey, baby dust to you too xxxxxxxxxxxx
I know exactly what you mean about the waiting hun, especially as I have a 45 day cycle so it sometimes works out a whole month before I'm even due an AF. We've only been ttc since christmas but when I think I've got pregnancy symptoms it drives me nuts!

I'm really glad I joined this forum, you're all so friendly and supportive :)

Hopefully after Friday there'll be no more waiting for AF for either of us....just waiting for our bubba's! Luv kel x
Fingers crossed eh?

We have only been trying since March but with our first two we fell straight away so it's frustrating that this time its taking a while.

The only consolation of not getting the BFP this month is that I am going away for a girle weekend on June 3rd and at least I would be able to join in drinking with the others...........would rather get my BFP and stick to orange juice though!!! :wink:

Lots of love

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