I'm getting fatter!


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Apr 24, 2005
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Went to Matalan to buy a tankini for my holiday next month - well I used to be a 12-14 on top and I had to buy an 18 to have any hope of fitting into in 5 weeks time. The thing is I haven't really put any weight on, I keep fluctuating between what I was and 4lb heavier.

Felt really fat and frumpy today.
You're not fat and frumpy! You're pregnant! You are blooming and gorgeous. This is the only time we get the excuse to bloom out, so make the most of it! I bet you look fab! And I bet your other half thinks so too! :D :D :D :D :D

(Though I do feel a bit fat myself actually but don't tell anyone :wink: )
Holiday clothes, now that is a issue! I cannot wait! Roll on Holiday I am waiting for my Blooming mavelous catlogue to come so I can buy some maternity shorts, lover maternity clothes, feel better than just baggier or a bigger size! I still feel just fat, but mainly when I sit or lay down, when I stand my belly is quite firm so I feel more preggies! It is all good! Just remember not to get too much sun on baby! (Baggy teashirts time!)
sorry intruding on to 2nd trimester forum, seems im gonna be here in a week or so. lol :lol:
Just gotas sayy im feelin fat too, my clothes are feelin rather tight and uncomfortable, god think i m gonna have to invest in to some new things, was trying to hold off buying things tho jus incase id jus have to buy more.
But part from feelin fat, and constantly paranoid that i look ugly, cos u cant tell im preg yet, jus fat lol :lol: :lol: . But cant wait to have a big bump to show off :D

bec x x
I cannot wait to show more too, then maybe people will give there seat up on the train/Bus instead of pushing past me, I still don't think old ladies will stop banging there bags in my belly but I cannot have it all!lol

I love shopping and it is a great excuse to get more clothes, being pregnant! but all my normal clothes are too tight except most my tops and my long hippy skirts, but I needed work clothes and holiday clothes so shopping here I come! (I can hopefuly use all the clothes next time around or sell them on ebay or local Market!) So they are an investment I say!!!
Not feeling too bad today, think it's because I am not as hot and sweaty at the moment (holed up inside, too hot out there!).

My midwife said my stomach is normal for someone at my stage, still feel swollen though!
Im due to go to Greece when im 29 weeks!! thats going to be interesting as im huge already and only just over 20 weeks!! Really DO NOT like the pregnant belly hanging out of clothes, so thinking of covering it up as I know a lot of men and woman do not like seeing pregnant bumps out of clothes!!!!!
I've bought some vest tops from Matalan for £2. They aren't maternity ones, but I got bigger sizes (16-18 at the moment) and they go up to really big sizes. Another pregnant woman recommended that I pick up a few as they wash well and are ideal for messing around in. You could always pick up a few in bigger sizes for your hol?

I am a bit worried because at 17 weeks pregnant I have put on 7kgs of weight. I looked at the scale today and put 2 more kgs from last week. the thing is, I do not look like i have put too much weight apart from my belly. I can see I took a bit on my face but apart from that not really. My midwife told me last week I have put too much weight on and i have to be more careful but since i put 2 more kgs and I am eating reasonably ealthily, 10 times better than before being pregnant. I have to say with this heat my legs and my feet are swollen and it feels like I have wooden legs. My boyfriend says not to worry that i am pregnant and this is normal to put on weight but 7 kgs at this early stage!!!! Should I worry?
I have bought tops in a bigger size and good ol elastic waist skirts and trousers!!! just not sure if i should wear a bikini on the beach on holiday, or maybe would look better with a spagetti strap top or something??

Natalie x
I am 13 1/2 weeks PG, this is a pic of my belly, is it big?

Hi Kim!

everyone's different I wouldn't worry! I'm 20 weeks and nothing fits me any more and I'm sure it's really obvious but not one person has guessed that didn't know and lots have said "shouldn't you be showing by now" which does make me wonder why I ever bother to diet since no one notices a massive belly anyway!! Whenever I get belly worry I just look at lots of photos of women at the same point as me and you can see how different people's bodies look!

Check out some of these many photos to see the differences:-

http://pregnancy.about.com/cs/pregnancy ... 2index.htm

I am only a couple of weeks earlier than Britney Spears and no one would wonder if she's pregnant or not but then she has skinny legs and goes out in hot pants and a bra whereas I'm in a long skirt and long sleeve t'shirt as they're all that will fit me at the moment in my wardrobe!

Thanks Rosebay, thats a great help!!
Hi....well Kim i thinks thats a cutie tummy!!! every one is different.
iwent on the scales at the swimming baths and it seemed as tho i had lost a stone since last checked weight, cant be right, as you defo cant tell.!!!!
if i had it wouldnt do much harm, im over weight any way.
Not sure how much I have put on as we have no scales but my bump seems bigger somedays than others ,my biggest problem is my boobs they are huge :wink:
He he he my boobs are massive, although they always have been big!!!nipples are always sore and hard, and very dark. I went to asda and bought a sleep bra, not sure if they are meant for breast feeding ladies, but its great for sore breasts during the night.!

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