Idiots guide to FF needed please!!! Those who batch prep for the day

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by MillersMissus, May 19, 2016.

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    I'm going to be a FTM and hopefully will be combination feeding, but won't allow myself to be put under too much pressure to BF if I can't. So I'm trying to prepare myself for FF!!

    Not bothered about buying a perfect prep machine as its money that can be spent on other things. Had hoped to batch prep bottles for the day but can't seem to get a straight answer as to what to do. And I'm having sleepless nights already as I feel I should know!!

    What do you do when batch prepping?? Is the formula added when cold then warmed up?? Please talk me through how you do it step by step.

    Thank you in advance xx
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    No, you should never "batch prepare" formula. The powder is not sterile and can make the baby sick if it's made up with cold water or left in a fridge for hours.

    You need to make the formula using a fresh kettle and boil it, and add the powder to the water whilst it is still over 70degrees to kill any bacteria, then cool the milk by standing the bottle in a jug of cold water or running it under the cold tap.
    Formula is then supposed to be thrown away after an hour.

    If you need a bottle quicker you can get bottles of ready made formula and they can be poured straight into a clean bottle and warmed (if you want), and can be stored in the fridge (different ones will have different rules but it will tell you on the side how long they can be kept for in the fridge)

    If you are wanting to breastfeed you would be best avoid using formula for as long as possible (not in the first month or so). You could try expressing breastmilk as that will keep in a bottle in the fridge much longer and be quicker/easier than making up bottles of formula.
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    We did batch prep with our son not for full 24 hours but we'd make a day time batch then a night batch, most of the time we'd make it up as we went along when we could but if he was going to work and I want going to be alone he would make me 3 or 4 bottles to keep me going
    We added the water as it suggests on the box then let it cool before putting it into the fridge, you can also buy ready to go formula incase you don't want to do it in batches and don't have time.
    They do recommend no making it in batches but there were times we were desperate and did it
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    We didn't batch feed as it's not recommended but as other have said there is ready made which is quite handy in the early stage when baby feeds unpredictably but typically once I knew his feeding patterns I'd pop in 10 mins early and make up a feed for him and it be ready.

    We used a flask for during the night feeds.

    I wouldn't wanna chance batch feeding and risk a vommy baby :p

    Breastmilk is fine to store and freeze though.

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    The NHS advice is that you can store made up formula in the back of the fridge for up to 24 hours

    I will batch feed this time but as mummywanabe said will do so in 12 hour batches rather than 24. The condensation makes a mess of your fridge too but hey ho.

    I have also used a system of two flasks - one with boiling water in and one with cooled boiled water in to do the same as the perfect prep machine. The key is to ensure that you are adding the powder initially to hot water (to sterilise it) and that has already been measured and then mixing that with cold water that has already been measured. Eg for a 4oz bottle - 1oz of hot water mixed with the powder and then adding 3 oz of cooled boiled water. It seems like a faff but once you get your routine it works.
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