i would like some new friends in leicester!

Discussion in 'Forum Friends' started by petchy, Jun 28, 2005.

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    my post seemed to disappear, so i'm posting again:

    hi there, i'm 24 and expecting my first baby in february 2006. after finding out i am pregnant a lot of my friends have totally changed and are distancing themselves from me as they are still very much into their clubbing and getting drunk every weekend, whereas i haven't had an interest in this since my late teens. this pregnancy just seems like an excuse for them to not stay in touch.

    i am originally from norway and all my family are over there. now i'm pregnant it seems so far away and i am really homesick and down because of missing my family. my partner and i are planning to move to norway but he says he's not ready yet and wants to wait another 3-4 years.

    now i have also found out that two of my best friends (some of the few who are actually very supportive) are moving away. all of this has really got me down, i'm feeling all lonely and sad and like i have no support network at all.

    i would really like to get in touch with other mums to be in leicester as i want to make some new friends that are on the same wavelength as myself. if anybody wants to meet up and grab a coffee or anything, please PM me.

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