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Feb 4, 2005
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I've decided to put everything into getting pregnant this month. I've been very laid back over trying but i'm getting a bit fed up now! I've decided this month (august) is going to be my month. I might be a little nieve thinking I can pick my month but it can't do any harm being 110% positive. Does anyone else fancy being as positive for this month? If you do put your name down. We'll give it all we've got and hopefully we'll all have a Big Fat Positive by the end of the month. If anything it might help by having a bit of support. I've been trying since christmas. Married last September. Came off the pill straight away but decided we'd not try till I had a few periods without the pill. Well..... i'm begining to feel i've had too many periods now without the pill. I want a baby and i'm gonna make one this month! I've warned the DH!!!!!!! He kinda likes me being demanding... makes a change.
Good luck Hayler and all TTC'ers - something makes me think that everyone who is TTC on here wants to be pregnant ASAP so will all put their names down ;)
Hi Hayley - I'll join you on this venture as I'm equally as determined to try, try, try this month! When AF came last night I was so disappointed but am now positive about what this month will bring. :) Let's hope we have something to celebrate at the end of the month. Good luck!
Hi Hayley,
I would love to join you. I am so sick of my AF every month. Maybe a determined attitude will make the difference. Af due 16th so we'll see. One thing is for sure i am trying my hardest!
keep in touch and you never know we could become pregnancy buddies if we are lucky
Hi Everyone,

Yeah I am on a positivity drive this month too and it seems to be working. At the start of this month's af, I said "this is going to be the month" and for the first time since we've started trying my ov has been bang on time and we've really managed to genuninely try! I've also been taking agnus castus which I think may have helped!

We've been trying since about Jan/Feb this year and like a few others I came off my BCP in July last year so that my cycle could get back to some sort of normality!

Anyway good luck to all, hopefully it will be us getting that BFP this month.

Leigh xx
Yep i'm with you guys. I've read the famous book (taking charge of your fertility) and really i should have got pregnant last month. So it has to work this month!

Good Luck everyone

ooh ive only been trying for 3 months but think this could be my month too, im 32 today and i have a good feeling for everyone this month, so il be added to that positive list please :wink:

good luck everyone :D
I really hope and pray that August is my month. So sick of the letdown of the BFN. Hopefully in Aug. I will see a BFP!!!! I've too warned DH!! He is worried! LOL. AF is outa whack though. Had 4 days of light spotting Aug 2-5. Don't know whats up with that. It was way too light for a normal AF...who knows!! Baby DUST to everyone TTC!!
Hi ladies

Seems like there's gonna be a baby boom next May....

I've just been on a site to see when my expected delivery date will be if (sorry... when) I become pregnant this month. Mine is 18th May 06. I think it'll be nice to have a summer baby. We could all be pushing our prams around the parks next summer time....

My Af has been running a day late each month so my cycle is now 29 days. My ticker is a ittle wrong. My Af started properly this morning. I knew it was coming.... I've warned the husband that the next 3 weeks are gonna be hard work but fun!

I thought I was ovulating 10 days after my first day of Af but i'm sure last month it was more 13 - 14. Can our ovulation pattern change? Is it best to BD every 3 days, and every day on 11th, 12th and 13th ? (after AF) I'd like to swop some tactic!!!!!!

Good luck to;

any one else who wnts to join

Sending you loads of baby dust***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Lets see who is first to get a BFP this month..... we're all gonna get one but I wonder who will be first.
I would BD every other day from about five days from now, until the day after your temperature has gone up.

Taking the temperature is the only easy way to tell when you have ovulated.

Hope this helps :D
Hi sarah

Thanks for the advice but i've never really tried the temperature thing. I've read about it but it seemed to difficult to follow. Not only that but i thought you had to do it for a few months to find a pattern. Is it true that the tempertaure chart can only tell you your ovualton date after you've ovulated. I tend to use the sticks as they let you know when your about to ovulate. But i'll try BD every other day from day 5. Today is day 1 my ticker is a little out. Can we BD too much?

Thanks for replying
Hiya Hayley

Yes, it's mostly true that you can only be sure that ovulation has occured once it has actually happened when temping......However many women are able to see a dip in temp (prior to the rise thats indicative of ovulation) alerting them that peak time is near and ovulation is about to occur....So you it is possible to pinpoint ovulation before it occurs.

By charting basal temperatures over several cycles, you may recognize the temperature patterns that reflect at what point in your cycle you are ovulating. It's a very good way of knowing what your body is doing and when, but it can take a few months to get used to.

I started temping for the hell of it after a disasterous attempt a year previously but temped in Farenheight rather than celcius....which meant temp changes were a hell of a lot easier to spot! - I got pregnant the first month of temping after 4 years of trying and 3 miscarriages.

Best of luck to all you girls TTC!
Hi Rachael

Wow... temperature charting really works then. Can you buy the thermometer from any chemist? I'll read up on it again tonight. It's day one of my cycle. What day do you start charting? or do you chart every day of your cycle. I suppose once i read it and understand it, it should be easy to do.

Hope your looking forward to your birth?

thanks for replying
Hiya Hayley

Yes - Temping really works.....I was so reluctant to "fart about" with it for such a long time, but it was very much worth it in the end.

You can get a thermometer from any chemist. I would reccomend a digital one though so you can see 10ths of degrees. ie 36.4 instead of just 36. Another thing I would reccomend is chafting in Farenheight rather than celsius, as if you temp in C's you won't see the temp shifts so easily. For example if your temp changes from 35.1C to 35.2C thats only one tenth of a degree. However the equivalent temps in Fs are 95.2 and 95.4Fs so actually 2/10 of a degree change!

I've posted some more info about BBT charting in this section.

Hope it helps!

lol- No - Not looking forward to the birth :lol: I can't wait to meet my baby but I'm not keen on the idea of delivering it!.....Shame men can't do that part lol :p
I too recommend the digital test. Much quicker than a normal one.

I did usually notice a sudden drop in temperature just before my high.

My temperature went from 35.9 to 37.3 in 24 hours! and then has stayed up ever since.

I had been charting for a whole year before we tried for real. I wanted to stop the pill a year before the wedding, and try natural birth control using my temperatures. It worked really well.

It didn't take long to see a pattern. I basically worked out quite soon that it was safe to have sex for about five days after my period and then we would have to use condoms for the next 10 days and then after my temp went up it was safe again.

So when it came to actually trying we reversed all the rules and did it at the unsafe time! :D :D :D :D :D It worked.
sounds good but i think you've got to be 100%... i'd forget at the weekend. I'm gonna keep an eye on the body fluids (sorry!) and use the ovulation stixs. Now that i've put my mind to it this month.. I can't stop thinking about babies/pregnancy/maturnity wear/names.... i've wanted to be pregnant for quite a while now but i think lately my clock is really ticking. I long to hold my own baby/to rub my bump/look into the face my own little baby/count the fingers and toes etc
Good Morning all,

Just thought I would share my good news.

Well, after 6 months of TTC and first month of charting, I have a BFP. Yippee. I am still in shock and have taken about 8 tests to date.

I am 5 weeks past Tuesday, I have the doc tomorrow so fingers crossed all is well.

I would just like to say thanks to everyone on the forum, even though I haven't posted a lot, I read it every day and it's been a huge help to what was a very stressful time.

Good luck to all TTC and stay positive.

Baby dust to all.

Good morning Leigh Sless,

Congratulations :lol: :lol: :lol: honey that is great news.

All the best for your forthcoming pregnancy


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