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Nov 6, 2005
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just got out of hospital for the 3rd time with contractions. Went into what i thought was labour 3 am tuesday morning got all ready thinking today was the day. Got to the hospital and was have good strong contractions every 4 mins, they done an internal and said i wasnt dilating and that it was yet another urine infection that was causing it. put me on anti biotics and gave me pethadine and morphine for the pain which sent me off to sleep. wednesday they came bk and examined me as i was still contracting gave me 3 injections on my botty and said that they had to stop it and turned out to be it wasnt a urine infection after all they just said they didnt know what was causing me to contract but i wasnt in labour because i wasnt dilating and my waters havent broke.

I just want to scream cos this is the 3rd time this has happend and im so tired with having no sleep and being consstantly in pain now, I know ive only got 6 weeks left but i just thought instead of putting me through all this as babys heartbeat was dropping every time i had a contraction they would have helped bring it on and get ita ll over with but they just stopped it gave me anti biotics and let me out today. Im so gutted cos im still contracting so now im scared taht every time i contract how am i going to know if im dilating or its real labour untill my waters go.

hope yous are all having a better time than me :cry:
Sorry to hear whats happening to you. It's soooo frustrating isnt it when you just want it all over and done with.

I get Braxton Hicks loads these days and they can be so bloody uncomfortable - especially when you constantly want to pee as well - :evil: :evil: :evil:

Hope things settle down soon for you.

L x
Hi lisa, well went to the consultant yesterday and i ended up in tears, Im in so much pain every ten minutes now morning noon and night and having no sleep and trying to look after a 3 yr old just seems impossible.

when i was speaking to the consultant i asked him ' because my pregnancy lasted only to 29 weeks and this pregnancy im 34 weeks and obviously this baby is bigger, could i be contracting and not dilating as the baby may be stuck?' his answer was no dont be silly i bust out crying and he gave me no explination just felt so small!!
sorry im going on again i just feel like no one will listen to me this is my second baby and im only 21 and feel like im being treated like some kid grrrrrrrrrr

got to go to the doctors today for an inhalor as baby is getting so big my ribs are all bruised and i cant breath too good, someone plzzzzzzz just shoot me...lol
This all sounds so terrible - is there definately no more they can do. I mean, for goodness sake, we are not in the dark ages anymore :twisted:

I would be tempted to take myself back down to the hospital and demand they investigate further - its bad enough being in pain without having to worry about it. What did the Doctor have to say? Could he not refer you as an emergency?

Honnestly, it annoys me, you know your own body and it is soooo frustrating when no one listens to you.

Take care and keep me posted

L x
doctor was a bit more helpfull but he cant do anything, he said that they will not induce me because im only 34 weeks and 4 days he said i would have to be at least 36 weeks so that the babies lungs are fully developed, now this is the part i dont understand. my lil girl was born at 29 weeks only my waters broke at 26 weeks and i was gven steroid injections to mature her lungs. with me contracting i would have thought that would be the first thing they would have done but they said they cant!!! my head is messed up with it all so much for trying to enjoy this pregnancy as last one was just so stressfull and with her being born so early it was all touch and go.

im back down to see the midwife and consultant next thursday but all teh consultant wanted to do was another internal so i told him no thanyou because i had 8 within 2 days so didnt feel it was apropriate but still feel like no one is listening to me and being called stupid from a cunsultant just made me feel so low! Im not sure if i said in the last post but when i went to see him i asked 'could this baby be stuck as my little girl was only 2 lbs 10 oz and thats why im contracting but not dilating cos its head is stuck and cant move down any further to get engaged' his reply was ' dont be silly if your in labour your cervics will still open even if baby is stuck' i bust out crying and just left.

anyway will keep you posted hun hope your pregnancy is alot better than mine...lol

take care xx
It all sounds so bloody awful. I wish I could do / say more to help. I dont understand what he meant about you only being 34 weeks - I know for a fact that babies can survive if they are born at that gestation. In fact I think Sami's baby was born then.

I really hope things get better for you - the problem is these arseholes forget we are real people with real feelings sometimes.

L x
Well im sorry to say this and im not racist but he was a paki consultant and most pakistanies i have came accross have treated me like a piece of dirt even the ones who own the corner shop. anyway he contradicted hiself because my little girl was born at 29 weeks so how they cant help me now is far beyond me its making me mad now im past being upset im just mad that they want me to go into hospital every time i get a contraction for them to stop it and send me home the next day im sorry but i cant afford to be in that position with having a 3 yr old to look after aswell and my partner cant afford to keep taking the time off work either.

gawd heer i go again getting it all out...lol sorry i must sound like all i do is moan on here...lol

anyway got the midwifes on wednesday so hopefully something good will come out of it all.

hows your pregnancy going lisa sorry you have replied so many times to me and i feel terrible cos i avent even asked how you are?

hope your keeping well take care luv n hugs jeanxx
Lets hope the midwife will have some answers for you on Wednesday.

If its any consolation - I'm not enjoying being pg (happy to be Pg by the way!!!) - had various problems right from the word go - although nothing as serious as you are having to go through - and to be honest I will be glad when it is all over! It certainly isnt as much fun as I thought it would be!

Anyway keep me posted on what happens on Weds.

L x
*big hugs for you hun*

i thought this time round qould be much easier as i knew what to expect with my other little one being prem but omg its like a thousand times worse than i expected. anyway i hope you ok hun you will have you little bundle of joy soon in your arms and you will look back and think it was all worth every bit of it :lol:

take care xx

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