I think my son has a reflux problem? Help?

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by Nicole mummy, Jun 26, 2013.

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    My baby boy was 5 weeks old yesterday gaining loads of weight but very unsettled. I've posted a few times feeling useless and now coming to the conclusion this is what's happening.
    His symptoms are: crying/screaming 95% of the time he is awake, will not settle for longer then 10-15 max in his crib, grunting noises, sicky, pulling his legs up when crying, hiccups sevral times a day, not content after a feed if not worse and yelling at my boob when trying to feed pulling away and screaming, his breathing seems so irratic at times and the noises he makes are really odd. last night he was really gipping for no reason and went bright red and spat up. Over the last 2 weeks have been a total nightmare! I'm not able to enjoy my baby at all and feel useless and stupid as this is my 4th baby and I am struggling with him. Over the last 48 hours I've not been able to sleep longer then an hour max. I've been calling my health visitor since Monday leaving messages. Today my son spat up something that was yellow and looked like poo, it was not a huge amount but now I feel more stressed about things. My husband is working away till tomorrow so I'm alone with my 4 children one being the screaming baby and a very demanding 3 year old. On top if this he is sleeping in my bed with me and cluster feeding from 5pm on and off till 1am and has been for a week. I feel like all I'm doing is moaning about him, I'm so tired! Any advice please!
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    I would bypass the health visitor, and go to the gp, if I were you. With such a new baby, they will be happy to see you quickly, to discuss any concerns you have. I have no experience of it, personally, but reading posts on here, the symptoms do sound like they could be reflux. But definitely see your doc if you are worried about the colour of little ones sick. Good luck- I hope they are helpful. :)

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