I think I have PND....

Discussion in 'Postnatal Questions' started by Beatlesfan, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Beatlesfan

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    May 11, 2007
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    As the title says....

    I have so many of the symptoms. They all started about a week ago. I just started feeling "different".

    * stressed all the time, over what I might have thought was trivial things before.
    * worried and anxious about what people thought, what OH was thinking, over-analysing stuff
    * feeling like I can't manage Imogen's needs
    * not motivated to do anything esp. house stuff
    * just wanting to be alone, but also not wanting to be alone
    * resenting the fact that I don't get much of a break
    * feel like crying all the time, cry easily
    * feeling like I can't cope with it all (work, sorting childcare, family, relationship, house, cars, paperwork)
    * feel tired all the time, but then can't sleep at night
    * funny sort of headache all the time, (mild but there) and neck feels stiff/tense
    * feeling trapped, like I don't have choices about things in my life
    * feeling guilty about being a working mum, that I can't be everything to everyone
    * feeling unattractive and unloved
    * feeling like I have nothing interesting to say as my life is quite boring

    I think what has not helped with all of this is..

    * although I have gone part time (3 days a week) which should reduce stress, we are not in a good £ situation as OH doesn't start his new job til the New year. So we are under pressure financially...
    * on my days off I am catching up with work related stuff as this time of year is so busy, or i am doing housework. We used to have a cleaner, but with £ going down, she had to go
    * Imogen is looked after by OH most of time, as well as ChM and nursery (1 day each). Eventually it will be 3 days a week at nursery but it all feels like everyone else is with my baby but me! I feel out of touch with her and her routine etc.
    * Imogen is going through a very clingy stage at the moment. She is often quite grouchy from 4.30pm onwards (gets tired, tea time is not the best of times) and of course this is the time I am with her on my work days, so I don't get the best times really.
    * My back constantly aches. We have turned the mattress in the hope that it will help, but I still ache and some days it is so bad I take painkillers, which I don't like doing.
    * I have about 4 outfits that I wear over and over. 1. nothing else fits (I am half a stone heavier than i was and a dress size larger) 2. we can't afford for me to buy clothes. 3. I am not in the best mood to buy clothes so wonder whether there is any point???

    I have suffered very badly before I had Imogen with PMS and I hoped this would ease when i had Imogen, which it has (almost non-existant). But this feels a bit like that, but worse. Constant.

    I tried to get to see the HV or nurse today as I want to see a woman health professional but they are both off til late next week.....

    I wonder whether anti-depressents would help me?? I have always tried alternative things for my PMS, (nothing has ever made it go away completely) but I wonder whether I need something more this time? I know I will get no sympathy from my mum - she doesn't believe PMS/PND exists. I gave up talking to her about the PMS.... :wall: :wall: :wall:

    I worry about it going on my records and future employment/life assurance etc.

    has anyone any words of wisdom for me???
  2. nazmomi

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    Oct 4, 2008
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    I'm so sorry your feeling this way :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
    I had PND with my first son quite badly so I can sympathise with what your going thru. If you cant get to see your HV or nurse quickly could you talk to your GP? or is there another HV who could call and see you?

    The best thing you can do is talk about it. Big hugs and hoping you get to seak to someone soon :hug: :hug: :hug:
  3. Sherlock

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    Sep 23, 2007
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    Just a quick line and I'll try to write more tomorrow.

    Re AD's, you can always try St Johns Wort as a natural alternative. Many people with depression that is not severe use it and say it helps.

    You could also try posting over in the PND thread. There are a fair few of us with PND posting there all with varying degrees of it and going about solving it in different ways. Very supportive ladies :)

    :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
  4. Beatlesfan

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    May 11, 2007
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    Thanks nazmomi and Sherlock. I will certainly look through the thread you suggest Sherlock.

    Last couple of days I have just been sooooo tired and have had to nap in the day. I am going to try cranial oesteopathy this week, will book an appt. tomorrow. I'll see how the week goes and book to see nurse/HV if mood doesn't lift, otherwise will pursue alternative therapies.....

    I wonder if my back problems are from pregnancy/childbirth as before this I never had any problems. I had a bad pregnancy (with back ache from about 3months onwards) and what with epidural and emergency ceasarean....who knows... been reading about post traumatic stress also re: labour etc. I still can't believe I went through what I did, I cried only once (day after I had Imogen) when my mum visited, and from then I told myself it was all over etc...who knows???

    the 2 other docs at the surgery are men, and although they are nice enough they are a bit patronising and I would prefer to see nurse/HV...

    thanks again x x

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