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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by xSebbiesMumx, Jul 8, 2013.

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    I feel so stupid and low it's probably the worst thing ever to get upset over!! :(

    I phoned my mum earlier to update her about my sons jabs, she told me my brothers girlfriend is pregnant she's due in march next year and any normal sister would be so happy at the news but I just can't help but feel...mixed up! I just have this awful paranoid feeling that my son will be cast aside once the new baby comes! And forgotten about in all the excitement..that and my son sometimes stays with my parents for the weekend and then when the baby comes I'm scared incase they don't want him and would rather have the baby to stay for the weekend

    I'm also incredibly broody so this isn't really helping my mood much! :/ but other than that I'm really pleased for them aside from all these stupid mixed feelings! I'm probably being stupid but I guess I just need reassurance :(

    Has anyone else's siblings had children and lived haha!
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    My SIL (bro's GF of 17 years) had their second baby 3 weeks after James.

    I felt insanely jealous to begin with, I felt that no-one would "love" my baby and I had visions of SIL having the first girl. We were both team yellow and both went on to have boys.

    I posted on here about it all a few times....

    You know what I am going to say don't you??? Once the babies arrived none of it mattered. So what James wasn't the "baby" anymore - he was as loved as all the rest of the grandchildren. My parents have four kids so I was insulting them to think they didn't have the room to love James as much as the 'youngest' baby! Did they love me any less as I am the oldest? of course not.

    I think it is a natural reaction, it is tribal almost. We want our baby to be the youngest so our tribe will offer them protection.

    Bizarrely my SIL and bro had their first baby just 5 weeks after my sister had her second baby a few years back. So we have two sets of cousins that are just weeks apart in age!

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    My Brother's Son is only 11 days younger than Jack. I was more 'put out' at having to share my pregnancy with her and being compared etc and I was dreading her's being born on the same day as mine lol.

    Just make sure your boy isn't left out, make it clear he's still their grandson if he starts being left out! x

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