i saw him move!


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May 31, 2005
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i've never really sat down and looked at my bump before to see if i could see the movements on the outside (prob more to do with the fact that i've got so many things on the go that i can't seem to find the time to actually sit down! lol)

then yesterday evening i sat down to relax and i just happened to glance down at bump and when he kicked i saw my belly move slightly! so i called OH to come and have a look, and he couldn't see a thing! i swear i saw it though, several times while OH was there as well, i'm sure i'm not just imagining things!!

OH hasn't felt the baby move yet either, he just isn't patient enough i think! he gives up after 30 seconds of having his hand on my belly. i just want him to feel it too, but he doesn't seem to bothered - oh well, he'll soon enough see and feel it i reckon!

i had this dream the other night where i woke up one morning to find the most horrendous stretch marks on my bump and where i could really see baby moving around in there, like my belly was as thin as a balloon rather than the actual well padded belly that i have! baby was really sticking his arms and legs out - it was bizzarre! it was the 1st pregnancy dream i've had, i really hope i don't get stretchmarks as bad as in my dream! (if i'm lucky i'll take after mum and not get any - after 2 pregnancies she hasn't got a single one, and she never used any creams or oils at all! i hope it's true that it's hereditary!!)

hmm i seem to have gone off track a bit there... i really only wanted to share my excitement of seeing movements on the outside of the bump! lol :D
Hi Petchy

That's great - kicks are getting strong now eh? Hubbie will definitely be able to feel them if you can see your belly moving - I'm sure once he has felt it for the first time he won't be able to keep his hands off your belly!! :D

I've been having crazy dreams since 2nd trimester. Last night though I dreamt hubbie was upset with me and wouldn't be with me during labour - I had to get midwife to fetch him into the room so he could see baby being born. That was not a good dream :( . But usually they are better than that - and often they veer on the erotic side :lol: .

We saw mine move from the outside for the first time yesterday too - I have been feeling it for weeks but its so nice for hubby to feel it now too - he was like a boy in a sweet shop, then when we went to bed last night he sat with his hand on my tummy till we fell asleep!! You really wouldn't think this was the third time round for us!! We are so excited.
its great when you get to that stage, coz you can play with your baby then.

i will prod my belly and he kicks where i prodded, its so much fun lol
My OH can't see the movements either, but my 5 year old daughter can - she gave him a right telling off last night that he had to be patient and open his eyes (with hands on hips).

At first I thought it was because he didn't really know what to look for (he didn't see the others move either) but now I'm wondering if there's some sort of mental block there that he doesn't want to see it.

My belly is always bobbing up and down. I'm at the stage now where I get lumps of baby sticking out!! like this morning I got up had been laid on my left side and had a big lump on the right where must have moved so I didnt squash it!!
My belly has been jumping up and down for a couple of weeks now.

I love it. I was reading a book the other evening and the book was jumping up and down as well!

My most interesting moment was on saturday morning when I woke up with my first lop-sided bump! I didn't believe people that told me this, but I was laying in the bath and definitely noticed that it was up more on the right side!.. So Massaged it to make it neat again and it woke him up and he started kicking me madly in disgust!

It was like he was thinking. "It took me ages to get into this nice comfy position and now you've made me move!"

It was lovely.
now I'm wondering if there's some sort of mental block there that he doesn't want to see it.
hmm, i think men have a lot of mental blocks when it comes to pregnancy! lol

It was like he was thinking. "It took me ages to get into this nice comfy position and now you've made me move!"
aw, bless! how could you!??! lol

my little one is now busy either kicking or headbutting my bladder.... niiiiice...
Hi Petchy

I've had that same dream twice in the last couple of weeks and both times it really upset me. I thought my baby was going to come out through my tummy. :lol:

I saw my baby moving for the first time yesterday whilst in the bath. I was so impressed. I guess I've never looked for long enough before. She's got a mean right hook.


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