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May 11, 2005
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Sorry girls but I need a bit of TLC and I just know this is the right place to come for it and I also know already that your kindness will make me cry........you are all so predictable!!

The last few weeks have been really tough and I feel like I need to be wrapped in cotton wool for a bit and looked after. My husbands grandfather died last week and him and I were really close, I have been with my husband for nearly 14 years and in that time me and Grandfather always had a huge soft spot for each other. That has been very hard and whats worse is they can't do the funeral till the 30th so it just drags on.

Then today we had to have our cat put to sleep, some people may not understand how I feel but I have had him from a kitten and he would have been 22 in a few weeks........thats a long time to spend with someone, even if it is only a cat. He was just starting to mess indoors and his legs are weak and he's drinking about a pint of water a day and just doesn't look happy so I knew it was time to say goodbye, especially with a new baby coming in a few weeks.

Anyway, you know what its like, I just needed to offload and have a moan about my crappy January.

Looking forward to baby now!! At least I have lots of washing and organising to do to keep me busy.

Thanks for listening


It's rotten to lose people we love - doesn't matter if they're related or not and doesn't matter if they're human people or not. I still miss my cat and she died 17 years ago!!

But you have a new life coming along and that will give you plenty to distract you from your sadness.
Kerry I fully understand how you feel when it comes to your cat. They are as close to you as children-plus they don't answer back!

I had to have my dog Cindi put to sleep in May, it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, mum took over in the end and made the final decision. Meanwhile other half was restraining me as I was shouting to the vet don't kill her. I was hysterical. To this day, I still cry, I haven't got over it, but I find comfort in talking to her when I'm in the bath or in need. I know she is looking down on me.

Anyhow, as by miracle, 2 weeks later we found out I was expecting a baby, my theory is, she was my baby but had to leave me so left me with another.

Now baby Rebecca is due, I am having her middle name Cindi.

Even when you have your LO you will still think about your cat, 22 years is a long time, and it is like losing a member of the family. Please be reassured that you gave him the best 22 years he could of asked for, and will be watching over you and bubba like a guardian angel.

People reading this will think I am mad, but I know how much pets mean to people. :cry:
((((((((((BIG BEAR HUGS))))))))))

aw hun, sorry to hear you've had a tough time...
aww (((((((((Kerry)))))))))))))))

sorry to hear about your grandfather and cat.

dont really know what to say to cheer you up, just know that we are all here for you.

HUG> kerry

its terrible having to go through times like those
my mum lost her mum when i was 4 weeks old, and she was lost between extreme happiness at having me and the deadly empty feeling of not being able to talk to her mum... her milk even stopped with the stain of it.

try and see this new life as the thing that is going to give you a new set of wings, and cuddle up and do nice calm things til you feel better.

K X thats funny, my cat lola died over a year ago and i still cry when i think about it. she let herself die because i moved to scotland... she was such a good friend. well, i've decided lola would be the second name of the baby if its a girl (my mum thinks thats dreadful)

lots of positive vibes to you kerry
I understand fully about the grandfather and the cat.

I lost my grandads years ago and miss them loads. But I do still have my cat and we absolutely adore her. She is like a daughter to us. We rescued her from the RSPCA a couple of years ago. We picked her because she was the only one hiding and we chose her on that basis! We didn't even see her! We can't imagine life without her and sometimes it comes up in conversation what we would be like if something happened to her, so I know exactly how you feel.

A massive virtual hug from my direction sweetie.

Take Care of yourself.

Sorry you've been through a rough time this month i dont know how i would deal with somthing like this and if i ever lost my dog Kilo i would lose it cuz he is like another child and part of us we never leave him home for more then 2 hours, its gonna be hard being at the hospital withut him.
But i guess it happens and your cat lived a very long time longer then most dogs do , so think of all the good years youve had with her.
Always remember that Grandfather and your cat will alwys be there looking down.
Good luck with everything and try not to stress to much for you and baby.
*hugz* Katrina
Sorry to hear your having it crap - things like that seem to come all at once and I totally understand about your cat - all pets become 'your babies' and its awful when you have to let them go.

I know how you feel too. One of my mum's friends has just died from lung cancer - she was very close to all of us (its her funeral on Wednesday) - she had had it for 5 years, and I knew she would eventually die from it, but didnt think it would be over New years.

Then I found out just before Christmas that my aunty has lung cancer as well, which I just cannot belive - she hasnt been given long. So I know what you mean.

Keep ur chin up and keep smiling

L x
awww kerry i really feel for u my nan died nearly 2 years ago and i really miss her i would have loved to have seen her with braydon she would have spoiled him :) and i deffo know wot u mean bout your cat sammie my cat died 3 years ago on the 17th december made christmas really bad - she was 18 and i had, had the all my life and i cried for days wen she was put down - if nething happened ot GEN our dog i would be heartbroken
lots of love sarah and braydon
Awww Kerry what a bad time for you

I know how attached you get to pets, it really annoys me when some people don't understand..22 years aswell I bet he was a real friend.

This last time before the baby arrives is bound to be extra emotional for you now, but at least when you have a new life around it will make you feel happier for the future. Hope the time flies and you soon have your new baby in your arms.

Awwww honey!


We all know how you feel and for it all to happen at this emotional and tiring time too. I am really truly sorry about both your lovely grandfather-in-law and beautiful cat. Animals are precious and truly a cherished gift to us, i saw a quote once saying we never quite own an animal but rather they take on us, they are so loyal, so trusting and so very unconditional, and i think that none of this is truer than with a cat. The have no boundaries and yet come home to you each night. Bless their love, and cherish the memories.

Even harder still is the loss of your relative, i beleive a soul is born again in each child and i am sure that although his time did come he will be around to share the birth of your baby and to guard and honourably look over your child. He will be there always in your thoughts and you can see him through your child. This world is full and one in , one out happens, perhaps he had been chosen to go to let your little one come.

Aww Kerry i am at work typing this and i'm crying now! I have just been given a funny look too by the manager. I really feel where you are coming from and hope you feel better soon.

These things are really sent to try us and to highlight to us the things in life we chrish, without death we wouldn't cherish life.

Perhaps you could turn the luck around by adopting a rescue cat in need who deserves a chance, you could name him after grandfather-in-law, our boy is from Blue Cross and he is wonderful. I wouldn't part for him for all the money in the world and i really mean that....

LOL better stop now as i'm crying again. PM me if you need to.... :D Chin up!
Thank you all so much you have done me so much good today. I had been really good today and kept busy then reading all your messages brought the tears flodding back.......but I now feel much better, I think I have been keeping them in all day.

Love to you all
Are you feeling any better about everything today Kerry? (((((hug)))))
Feeling much better now - thank you.

Its actually quite nice now not to have to keep clearing up accidents from the cat etc. Its funny how you get used to putting up with something - life seems so much easier..............well, for a few weeks anyway!! LOL

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